When it Comes to Writing, You Gotta Stick it Out!

And by the way, everything in life is writable about if you have the outgoing guts to do it, and the imagination to improvise.  The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.  ~Sylvia Plath

I am so determined to get started on my children’s book series. It is all balled-up inside me and I have actually have butterflies in my stomach over getting it out. I have the idea, as I related in a previous post below, and actually I have started to outline even more of it in detail. To refresh or enlighten you about the book, it is about “Monster Princess and Little Diva,” 7-year-old and 3-year-old sisters who move with their mom to a town in New England. As they wander about in the history of an older village, they come across items that supernaturally transport them into a new place. Not a new idea, but what they do after being transported hopefully will be original.  Instead of just a key opening a door, I now have further ideas of them finding other items that transport them somewhere related to that item, meeting people and offering them different outlooks on life!

I had started out saying I wanted to do a picture book. I’ve always wanted to do a picture book, and with my love of art and fine art photography playing into my idea for a portion of the book (my best-loved photographs by people are of my historical doors and I love catching vintage or historical shots), I dream of publishing a book that is full of gorgeous full-color art. I worry though as I research doing this because what makes picture books beautiful also make them more expensive to create. The full color makes printing prices atrocious and the book more expensive to the perons publishing and to the consumer. How the art would look inside also would be something I might not have much control over. Publishers looking to pick-up your book either don’t want you to send in a query with art done, or will tell you that you have to use a certain illustrator. Possibly the illustrations might not even be anything that you had hoped or visualized. I am not sure I am really happy about that prospect, and self-publishing would be very expensive as I would have to pay my own illustrator and the printing cost (on full-color hard back would be way above my budget). I have to say I am pretty disappointed about this, but I will keep researching.

I am still very excited about writing a chapter book. Since the main character is 7, the book needs to be for the 7-9 age range as usually children only like to read about their age characters or slightly above. The test for me in writing this is keeping it to the 70 or so pages and limited vocabulary that this age level requires. I think this is hindering my writing really getting down in full-force on paper. The idea in my head is getting bigger than the confines of writing for this age; however, the book is based on the personalities of my daughters and how they would act and converse in the situation so I really need to leave it here. I would love for more exciting books that stir the imagination for girls to be offered in this age group. Junie B. Jones and school age books about first graders in school settings seem to be all the choices for reading at my daughter’s age. I feel something new is needed in this age level, don’t you? I know that my daughter having an adventure at her age may seem to some though as too young for her to be anywhere at all without a parent, but it is fiction and I can make it anything I want right??  🙂

I am enjoying researching for my books as well as about publishing my books. There is a lot of information out that and sometimes it is pretty overwhelming. It is hard to find the time to write the books as well as research how to publish them along with taking care of three small children, community activities, and looking for more freelance writing work. However, I have a goal and I’m enjoying getting some ideas down on paper. If anyone has any good sites that help first time authors in the children’s book field, please comment to be below or e-mail me at hookofabook@hotmail.com.

Happy writing!!



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3 responses to “When it Comes to Writing, You Gotta Stick it Out!

  1. I wouldn’t be too worried about publication if I were you. By all means, research it, get to know the industry, but don’t let the rules restrict you too much: the first thing to do is just to write. Many good books go unpublished for various reasons, and if profit is not a big worry for you, you could always publish online. There was this one guy who didn’t manage to publish his book, so he put it up as an audiobook for everyone to enjoy. He built a solid fanbase and then got a publishing contract for his next book.
    Do you read the UK’s Writing Magazine? I’d really recommend it if there’s any way for you to get hands on it (I don’t know how much they sell it in the states). It has tons of helpful articles, both about writing and about writers (I found the audiobook-guy from there). It also has a column about writing for children, as well as a newly-started series in writing children’s books. Perfect timing! :))


    • Thank you!! I love how you leave me these helpful comments, I value them! That’s true about the publication. I think I just need to hear that it is ok for me to make it as I want it. I suppose anything you do, you will have publishers wanting to see something else. But everything is going online now for sure, and that is certainly a great avenue. What I want to do is just write it, just to get the story out and because it makes me happy, not for money. So you’re right, just need to get writing further. I haven’t heard of UK’s writing magazine, but I will search for it. Maybe it is online. 😉 Sounds like the perfect issue, thanks for sharing that!! I hope I can find it.

      How is your book coming along?


      • I’m glad I can be of help by commenting 🙂 Us writers need to encourage each other. My book’s going slow and steady – studying eats up my time, but I still get a little something down almost every day. Almost, almost at the beginning of the third act, which thankfully should be quite short. 😀


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