The Curse of Magoria an Exciting Read for 10 Year Olds

If you have any 10-year-old kids who like to read exciting stories, this book (circa 2004) by British author Paul Stewart, The Curse of Magoria, might be a great buy for them. At only 126 pages, it is a quick read that reminds me of all the vintage short stories or magic fairy tales that used to be popular and seem to be coming back into style.

Excerpt from Chapter 8, The Legend of the Clock of Doom:
“Once upon a time, long, long ago, in the Kingdom of Alpenpfalz, there lived a sorcerer by the name of Magoria the Mathemagician.  He was a great wizard with vast knowledge and mighty powers.  He knew the secret of numbers, and the hidden powers of earth, air, fire, and water.  Heavy magic hung around him like a fog.”

Legend has it that Magoria the Mathemagician was a powerful sorcerer that entertained a Prince’s kingdom with an apprentice named Wytchwood.  The Prince always wanted new and exciting magical events to awe his kingdom’s people. Then one day, Magoria tried to mess with time and from there an evil spell is cast that lasts centuries.

A young man, in more present day, comes to visit his aunt and uncle in a small mountain village town and unknowingly is drawn into a few historical clues, finding out he is a descendant of Wytchwood. It becomes up to him to save the village from the curse that has yet to be undone after all the centuries.

Will he be able to save everyone from the dark magic curse that messes with time?

An exciting quick read that is sure to keep any 10-year-old with his nose in a book for a day. At only $4.99, it is worth it.  The book is a Usborne published book from the UK, and author Paul Stewart is best known for his bestselling global series The Edge Chronicles.

If interested, this book can be ordered at


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