Does Hook of a Book Sound a Little Seuss-y? Happy birthday Dr. Seuss!

It’s March 2 and not only is it National Read Across America day but is also the 107th birthday of the late Theodore Geisel, more lovingly addressed and remembered as Dr. Seuss. I remember as a child waiting for the mail to come every month and getting a new Dr. Seuss classic. My mom had signed me up for some mail order subscription and I was estatic to get them. Today, my kids are still enjoying my hand me down Dr. Seuss books of Green Eggs and Ham, The Cat in the Hat, The Foot Book and many more, but also the new titles featuring the Cat in the Hat teaching numerous non-fiction subjects such as maps, birds, oceans, and even cooking (at least he has amazing clean-up techniques!).

Today I caught a bad case of the flu or a cold. I’ve been feeling terrible and was afraid I’d miss our plans of going to our local library’s “Seussabration” after school. I did miss it unfortunately, but the kids did go. My son helped the two girls to make Fox puppets out of lunch bags, Seuss posters, and they listened to Mr. Brown Can Moo Can You? read by the local librarians.

Here’s a photo taken by my son with his camera phone of my daughter coloring at the event:

Some school classes had parties today with birthday cake and hats as well as many libraries having events. Whatever your children did to celebrate, remember that the most important thing is to encourage reading in your children every day.

  • What can you do to commemorate National Read Across America day?
  1. *Make your child a book nook where they can retreat to read books daily.
  2. *Schedule time to read a book to your child at least several times a week.
  3. *Make special bookmarks they can use in their book nook.
  4. *Have your child draw a photo of what a story was about after you read it.
  5. *Ask questions and talk about what you read.
  6. *Have a party and invite your children’s friends over to read books and make tote bags for their trips to the library.
  7. *Buy your child a new book for March, to celebrate reading.
  8. *Take a trip to the library to participate in story time or crafts.

Purchasing your child books, reading to them, and encouraging them to use the library is a lasting gift! Leave your children with a legacy of reading, just like Dr. Seuss has left us with a legacy of silly, funny, awesome, unforgettable books.


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2 responses to “Does Hook of a Book Sound a Little Seuss-y? Happy birthday Dr. Seuss!

  1. Alex Marestaing

    Dr. Seuss opened up reading for so many kids, totally creative guy. And, yes, we definitely need to keep kids reading even in this age of internet and iPhones. Nice post!


    • OH Alex, his stories certainly are imaginative and creative. I love the new Cat in the Hat series that they are doing too. We love our technology, but certainly would be lost without all our gorgeous paper, tangible books as well. I don’t want my kids to lose that!


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