What I am Reading and Challenge 1 for Spring into Horror Read-a-Thon #SpringHorrorRAT

So I’ve done a few posts about the Spring into Horror Read-a-Thon already, but haven’t even got up my own starting line post yet (which for newbies is a post where after you sign-in and begin your participation you talk about what you’ll be reading during the week)! Really, WAY too many choices for me to choose from and no way I can read them all in a week, no matter how hard I cross my arms, blink, and toss my ponytail over my head ala Dream of Jennie. I’ve got the ponytail, but not the powers.

So we’ve got my own starting line post combined with the TUESDAY READ-A-THON CHALLENGE. You’ll have to read through my ramblings to get to the challenge portion. 🙂 A two for one deal.

Sooooo…right now I’m halfway through a book called Frozen in Time by Marie Symeou. It is in the genre of vampire too, but the foundation of the book is historical in nature, with themes of the Greek Gods and Goddesses, reincarnation, etc. The beginning to me justifies as being scary, because the vampire demon-type lady has a curse on her from a Goddess that makes her eat in a very nasty way things that you don’t want to read about being eaten. That scared me. Plus I have to finish it. And there are vampires…

I am also reading a horror book that is in the editing stages so I can’t talk about that one. Bummer, because it is so good and I can’t wait to tell you about it later in the year. So I am wadding up my sheets in my sleep in the meantime…. 🙂

I started Shadows of Night, Deborah Harkness’ second in her series after Discovery of Witches. Very witchy, very appropriate. Vampires, witches, daemons…I’m reading for review to publisher but I am also enjoying very much (and making too slow of progress I must say).

I am going to also read The Taker by Alma Katsu. I am reading a lot to support authors and do reviews, so this book is for me to read out of enjoyment. If you haven’t heard of this book, it’s not quite horror, but there are immortals and paranormal beings and it’s got a gothic overtone. So I hope it applies. I’ve been waiting awhile to sink into it.

And finally, I just received Hunter Shea’s newest Evil Eternal, which I am going to read for review. Since its horror week here, I might try out that one too. If not, it will be coming soon at any rate.

We’ll see what happens by Sunday night….all good laid plans of mice and men…..



I told you what I was reading, now you tell me for a chance to win!! This first challenge is just as simple as that. 

1.)  On TUESDAY from 12 a.m. to 11:59 p.m. EST, post on your blog, or where you are posting (GoodReads, etc.), at least one book you’re reading and why you chose it! Maybe you already did this in your starting post; if so, feel free to use it with any edits needed.

2.)  In addition to telling me about the book, link back to MY blog on your blog in that post telling everyone you are doing this challenge here. Then come to my blog under this post for this challenge and leave a link to your post with a comment, in my comments section. If you don’t have a blog you can just leave this information for me in the comments.  If you don’t understand, just leave me a comment. You’ll get entered 2 times by doing this.

3.)  Follow my blog via email. You can do this on my homepage by clicking on the link. You’ll receive my blog posts via email and we’ll keep connected. You’ll get 2 extra entries for that.

4.) Please follow me on Twitter, if you are on Twitter. I am @ErinAlMehairi. Leave that in the comment as well (that you followed and with what Twitter name. You’ll get 2 extra entries for that.

5.) If you Tweet about this Challenge, I’ll give you 2 extra points. Leave your tweet link in the comments too.

6.) Tell me if you rather apply for one or the other book if you prefer paperback or ebook. If you don’t care, I will put you in at one entry each for each part you complete. If you prefer one over the other I’ll put you in twice for that one, for each part you complete.

One person will win a signed copy of Denise Rago’s Immortal Obsession. I love this book. Vampires and history and romance. Perfect read. Also, one other person will win an e-book of Guardian of Fate by L.J. Kentowski, a fantasy paranormal that I haven’t read yet, but I have a copy and it looks really good!

RULES: You have to do the challenge as above. This is open for U.S. participants only for the paperback mailing and open to everyone for the e-book. You must be a signed-in participant at Castle Macabre (see former posts if you’re not signed in).

I look forward to your posts!! Have fun!


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18 responses to “What I am Reading and Challenge 1 for Spring into Horror Read-a-Thon #SpringHorrorRAT

  1. Here is my post for the Challenge: http://wp.me/p1h3Ps-1dB

    Happy Reading


  2. Thanks for hosting this mini-challenge! Here is the link to my blog post for Challenge 1:


    +2 following you by email (darlenesbooknook at gmail dot com)

    +2 following you on Twitter (@DarleneBookNook)

    +2 for tweeting about the challenge:

    Since I’m in Canada, I am not eligible for the paperback (I don’t think?) so please put my entries towards the e-book please!

    Thanks so much for the giveaway!


    • Thanks so much for doing the challenge, following my blog, and following me on Twitter. And the shout-outs are appreciated. 🙂 I am so happy to do this and meet fellow readers. For international readers and winning the paperbacks, it’s all about the cost of mailing postage. Does it differ much from U.S.? If not, then it’s not a problem to put you in. Let me know.


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  4. novareylin

    Awesome challenge! Thank you so much for hosting! I’d prefer the paperback. 😀
    Here is my link for the challenge http://crtmusings.com/?p=1074

    Followed you by email (crt at crtmusings dot com)
    Followed on Twitter (@@CrtMusings)
    Retweeted but I’m not sure how to link that. Very new to twitter!
    Hmm.. Hopefully I got this correct.

    What I am Reading and Challenge 1 for Spring into Horror Read-a-Thon #SpringHorrorRAT http://wp.me/p1heHH-gW via @ErinAlMehairi

    Thanks again!


    • You’re most welcome! Thank you very much. You did in fact post it to Twitter!! 🙂 I saw it there so it applies.

      Since you are new to Twitter though, here’s the lesson on posting a tweet that shows the link on Twitter: Hover over where it bring us to reply, retweet etc. There is an open for open. Click on that and then on details. It will bring up your tweet for you. You can then copy the url from the browser window at the top of your computer and paste it. Hope that helps!


  5. Here is my link
    Paperback please! Just followed you on twitter @jenncoull


  6. Here’s mine: http://castlemacabre.blogspot.com/2012/04/spring-into-horror-my-updates-sticky.html

    I follow via email and on Twitter: @truebookaddict
    Either book format is fine with me.

    Thanks for the chance, Erin!


  7. Here is my post – http://www.4ahappierme.com/2012/04/spring-into-horror-read-thon-day-2.html

    I just started following you through email and on twitter @4ahappierme

    I also tweeted about the challenge – https://twitter.com/#!/4ahappierme/status/194996726455734274

    I’d prefer my entries go towards the e-book.

    Thank you for the challenge! =)


  8. This challenge closed at 11:59 p.m. on April 24. Winner will be posted with other winners at the end of the week in a blog post!


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