#SpringHorrorRAT Challenge 2!! How many can you list to win The SORROWS by Jonathan Janz?

Are you all having fun with the read-a-thon? Getting some pages under your bookmark (haha…you know, like items under your belt). Anyway…..I have another challenge. I will try to post a mini-challenge every day. The last challenge was a one-day only challenge. With the rest of them, I’ll post the challege each day and participants can have until Sunday at 11:59 p.m. to enter any of them and all of them. That way you can do them when you have time or over the weekend!! Does that sound like a better idea?


Since this is a read-a-thon for SCARY-themed books, and in honor of me checking out Stephen King’s newest novel The Wind Through the Keyhole, let’s do one about scary books by the master himself!

Check your bookshelf (that can be a combination of physical bookshelves throughout your house, GoodReads or Shelfari shelf, Kindle or Nook shelf, etc.) and SEE WHO CAN LIST THE MOST AMOUNT of STEPHEN KING BOOKS. You have to own some version of any book to list it. Then star the ones you’ve already read on your list. For fun, double star your favorite. Whoever ends up with the most wins! If there is a tie, I will do a tie breaker.

You can list these on your blog and then paste the link in the comments under this blog. If you don’t blog, you can list them in the comments.  You’ll get 5 entries for that. For any people who have starred over 10 of them, you get +2 extra entries.

If you follow me on Twitter @ErinAlMehairi, you get +2 extra entries (new followers only). If you tweet this contest, you get +2 more entries. ANOTHER +2 for following @jonathanjanz on Twitter.

If you follow my blog, you get +2 extra entries (new followers only). You can do this by going to the home page and signing-up to receive my blog by email. Or if you already follow, you can like this post for +2.

You get +2 points also if you follow me on GoodReads (http://www.goodreads.com/user/show/4763588-erin-al-mehairi).

So what’s the prize?? ENTER to WIN a SIGNED copy of The Sorrows, by Jonathan Janz. See previous post for information on this book, but it’s worth it. Published by Samhain Horror, it’s a creepy old tale with explicit talk (just warning you) and evil deeds. I’ve read it and I really liked it. It’s one of those old tales with a modern twist.

For everyone else, I will randomly select from anyone who tries to do the challenge (and extras apply for more entries) so that you don’t feel left out from not having a long list. That random person will win Stephen King’s Just After Sunset, courtesy of ME! 🙂 If you have it already, just let me know to take you out of drawing.

Any questions, @ me on Twitter with hashtag #SpringHorrorRAT (and talk it up to me with that too) or leave a comment below in the comments section.

This contest runs until 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, April 29 so you have plenty of time to do it and all the others.

Same rules apply: Must be a signed-up member of Spring into Horror Read-a-Thon at Castle Macabre. Print books only mail to U.S. so only U.S. participants can enter for this one.

Happy Reading!


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25 responses to “#SpringHorrorRAT Challenge 2!! How many can you list to win The SORROWS by Jonathan Janz?

  1. Great challenge! I have a ton of King books but have read only a couple. They are all on my TBR list to finish one day, and I also joined the Stephen King Perpetual Challenge.

    Too bad this is US only! (I’m in Canada)


    • It’s only about how many you have! I know, I have some to finish and some to re-read. I hope you’ll still list your books. That would be fun for us to see and you can have bragging rights too if you have the most. 🙂 Go ahead and do the challenge….I’ll see if he can send an e-book to a winner if they are out of the U.S. I don’t know how much it would be to Canada.


    • If you find out it isn’t too much more expensive, or you want to pay for postage, we can include you….


  2. midnightbookgirl

    Amazing challenge! I might have a chance at this, only I think the competition might prove to be too much. Anyways, here’s the link to my post:
    And I tweeted, followed you and Jonathan on twitter, added you as a friend on goodreads, and I’m a new follower of your blog… so all my extra entries are done!


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  4. nicolepyles

    Sadly, I think I only own two books by him! I would figure I would own more considering I like him!


    • Darn!! Well, list them still. It’s all in fun, even if you don’t win. And if you just want to do a To-Read book, I think it’s fun for us all to see who likes what Stephen King books. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by, hope to see you again!


  5. Okay, here’s mine…finally! http://castlemacabre.blogspot.com/2012/04/spring-into-horror-my-updates-sticky.html

    I thought we were already friends on Goodreads, but we weren’t! What?!
    I added you. +2

    followed @JonathanJanz on Twitter: @truebookaddict +2

    tweeted: https://twitter.com/#!/truebookaddict/status/195348661344026624
    liked post: FB Michelle Stockard Miller +2

    Thanks, Erin!


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  7. You know what – I currently don’t own ANY. How sad is that? Last May, I literally gave all my books away – including all the SK. I haven’t bought any new ones yet, but I do want to read 11/22/63 REALLY bad! *sigh* I download it soon.


    • GAASSSSSPPP!! You gave away books?? Real, tangible books? Scandalous, Christy! Ah, I have 11/22/63 in hardback but it’s still sitting here unread. I’ve heard mixed reviews, but then again I always do with him. 🙂


  8. Hopefully, some others will take the challenge, spread the word! In the meantime, I forgot to post my list in my latest blog. I’m not competing since I’m the host and I don’t have as many as some of you, but I thought I’d list just for fun too! I’ll ** my favorites!


    • Lisey’s Story
      Under the Dome
      Duma Key**
      Dolores Claiborne**
      Rose Madder**
      Full Dark, No Stars**
      Hearts in Atlantis
      The Talisman (with Straub)
      Just After Sunset
      Blockade Billy
      The Eyes of the Dragon**
      The Dead Zone**
      The Gunslinger
      The Drawing of the Three
      Waste Lands
      Wizard and Glass
      The Dark Tower
      Bag of Bones
      Four Past Midnight
      Nightmares and Dreamscapes

      That’s what I find I have on my shelves nearby me. It’s 23. I have tons of books in the attic, so there might be a few more. 🙂


  9. daphne

    I think at one time I had them all except the Dark Tower series never read those. I only have three paperbacks of King at this time,, Carrie, The Stand and The Dead Zone
    I follow you on goodreads,blog and twitter


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  13. HERE IS THE LINK TO MINE 😀 http://sarrod22.blogspot.com/2012/04/spring-into-horror-challenge-2-stephen.html
    also I am following you in goodreads, following jonathan in twitter. i tweeted the contest here is the link for that https://twitter.com/#!/sarrod22/status/196517030088802304


  14. I’m not in the US, so I’m not playing for the book, but here’s my post


  15. Yay! I saw your tweet about Canada being included in the giveaway, so here I go!

    Here is my blog post for Challenge 2:

    +2 following you on Twitter (@DarleneBookNook)

    +2 for tweeting this challenge:
    https://twitter.com/#!/ErinAlMehairi/status/195352624994852864 (I re-tweeted yours)

    +2 for following @jonathanjanz on Twitter (@DarleneBookNook)
    +2 following by email (darlenesbooknook at gmail dot com)
    +2 points for following you on GoodReads (Darlene)

    Thanks for hosting the challenge!

    darlenesbooknook at gmail dot com


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