#SpringHorrorRAT Challenge 3! Take the Survey, Win FREE SIGNED COPIES!

I’m going to give a read-a-thon update first, and after you read the rambling, I’ll get to the challenge. (It’s right under the post-it note that says “challenge”). So keep reading and feel free to comment beyond just for challenges.  But comment on it too, to win. We’ve got plenty of fun coming up and great prizes all week long!

Evenings get so filled up by sports, homework, dinner, and Wednesdays are the worst day of them all right now! I filled in some minutes here and there for the Spring into Horror Read-a-Thon with Tweeting about it and publicizing my challenges, not to mention coordinating and writing these blogs. The other spare minutes I’ve been reading on a horror book that is in its editing stages at request of the author (the secret one that is sooooo good, I can’t wait for it to be published) and late last night I almost got finished with Frozen in Time by Marie Symeou (the vampire + mythical Gods novel).

My kids are so funny. I usually let them participate along with me with read-a-thons, but this one I didn’t let on about very much since it was horror. My son saw it on Facebook and they are hearing me talk about it and wanted in on it. At least Emma did. I don’t know why I didn’t think about some books appropriate for her. She is only 8, but she does read Jr. High level and just finished Hunger Games.  She decided to read The Girl Behind the Glass, by Jane Kelley, which is YA about a ghost girl. And she was already reading one of the School of Fear books. There we go. She can’t enter anything, but she just does it to join in the fun. And today, I read a book to my 4-year-old called The Bake Shop Ghost, by Jacqueline K. Ogburn, which was a really cute book about a dead bakery owner who causes lots of trouble over cake.

Yesterday’s Challenge 2 was LIST AS MANY STEPHEN KING BOOKS AS YOU OWN. To recap, you have until Sunday at 11:59 p.m. to finish this challenge, but the sooner the better so you can do the next challenges.

Here is the link to Challenge 2: https://hookofabook.wordpress.com/2012/04/25/springhorrorrat-challenge-2-how-many-can-you-list-to-win-the-sorrows-by-jonathan-janz/.

To the winner, Jonathan Janz is giving away The Sorrows. For those of you who want to participate, but don’t have a huge list of Stephen King books, if you list any books you have or talk about a few favorites, I’ll randomly choose one of you to receive Just After Sunset hardback from me. See the post for details.


We want to hear from you.  We all love certain types of horror and it’s becoming such a broad category that we want to know your thoughts. So you’re going to take a torturous quiz upside down while undergoing chinese water torture. Kidding!!!


All you have to do is take this survey. The questions are here below and you will post them with answers onto your blog (or wherever works for you) and then link back to your blog or location under this post. Or leave the answers in the comments section. You’ll get +1 entry for each question answered.


1.) What do you define HORROR genre as?

2.) What is your favorite sub-genre of HORROR (paranormal, devil/death, supernatural, blood and gore, etc.)

3.) What do you want to see more from writers in the HORROR field?

4.) Favorite HORROR movie and why?

5.) Favorite HORROR authors and why?

6.) What other elements do you like in your HORROR books (mystery, thriller, romance, historical, etc.)?

7.) What is you favorite HORROR book of all time?

8.) What do you like most about this Spring into Horror read-a-thon?

9.) Why do you think people read HORROR?

10.) Your favorite name of a character in a HORROR book?


You’ll get +1 extra entry to follow me on Twitter at @ErinAlMehairi, if you haven’t yet.

You’ll get +1 for tweeting this challenge.

You’ll get +1 for tweeting Challenge 2, again.

You’ll get +1 for mentioning me on Twitter.

You’ll get +1 for following my blog by email (go to homepage and to the right above, you should see where to do it). 

Add me to GoodReads for +1. 

Follow Immortal Obession @DeniseKRago on Twitter for +1.

Follow Forest of Shadows author @HunterShea1 on Twitter for +1.

Please don’t forget to tell me what of the extras you did in your comments post to be eligible to get all the extras. And let me know which book you prefer to put entries in for, or tell me how many entries you want into which ones.

This is a GREAT giveaway. Denise Rago’s Immortal Obsession is one of the best historical vampire romances I’ve ever read. You can see her books here: www.denisekrago.com. This is a signed paperback.

Hunter Shea is an amazing horror author published with Samhain Horror and you won’t want to miss out on this signed paperback either. For more info on him go to: www.huntershea.com.

The same rules apply as before, U.S. mailing only for paperbacks, unless you contact me for arrangements. This challenge is open until Sunday at 11:59 p.m., but I suggest doing them sooner rather than later as there is one coming up each day. Hopefully, this lets you be flexible with time.

Any questions, just leave me a note in the comments, on Twitter, or contact me!!


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29 responses to “#SpringHorrorRAT Challenge 3! Take the Survey, Win FREE SIGNED COPIES!

  1. Well, I threw up my answers to this survey on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wagthefox/posts/189895051131778
    +1 I’m also a follower on Twitter (@wagthefox).
    +1 Retweeted a link to this blog post: http://twitter.com/WagTheFox/statuses/195506091856109568

    +2 I’m also following Denise and Hunter on Twitter.


    • Thank you!! I’ll check it out on Facebook!! So glad you participated. Which book do you want to put in for?


    • Hey there, the link to FB above doesn’t work. But since we are FB friends now, I did see you posted to your wall on Thursday. If you don’t mind, I’m copy and pasting here for others to read:

      1) What do you define HORROR genre as?

      A) I consider horror to be a pretty broad genre–from “Psycho” to “Salem’s Lot” to “Pride & Prejudice & Zombies.” If the book or film has a main focus of inspiring dread or terror in its audience, that’s horror to me.

      2) What is your favorite sub-genre of HORROR (paranormal, devil/death, supernatural, blood and gore, etc.)?

      A) I find myself, more and more, gravitating towards the grittier urban fantasy stories out there–and I’m a sucker for a good ghost story.

      3) What do you want to see more from writers in the HORROR field?

      A) From the writers? I couldn’t ask for more, I don’t think. But from publishers and the public at large, I’d ask for a more diverse offering than the ceaseless well-worn monsters (vamps and zombies, etc.).

      4) Favorite HORROR movie and why?

      A) John Carpenter’s THE THING, because it has just about the perfect blend of horror, suspense, with a dash of humor–and you can’t go wrong with Carpenter/Russell team-ups.

      5) Favorite HORROR authors and why?

      A) Stephen King, because his novel THE DARK HALF rekindled my love of reading over a decade ago. Clive Barker, because his novels might be some of the most evocative and gruesome around. Richard Matheson, because it seems there is nothing the man can’t write about and make exceedingly frightening.

      6) What other elements do you like in your HORROR books (mystery, thriller, romance, historical, etc.)?

      A) Any noir-ish elements are welcome. Wit, when done right, is a delight to read in horror. And any well-crafted fantasy elements.

      7) What is you favorite HORROR book of all time?

      A) This changes from year to year, but at the moment I’ll go with Richard Matheson’s HELL HOUSE, which is probably the best haunted house novel I’ve ever read.

      8) What do you like most about this Spring into Horror read-a-thon?

      A) It’s been a great chance to discover authors whose work I’m unfamiliar with.

      9) Why do you think people read HORROR?

      A) Well, I read it because I’ve long had an affinity for dark fiction, those stories that explore the sides of humanity polite society would rather shy away from or pretend are part of a bygone era.

      10) Your favorite name of a character in a HORROR book?

      A) Randall Flagg.


  2. daphne

    1) Horror genre is scarey, with or without elements of blood and gore
    2) Supernatural and I love a strong female lead
    3) More of? hmm zombies have FINALLY come into their own, I think more Lovecraftian type monsters and dimensions would be kewl
    4) Night Of The Living Dead is my fave, I teethed on it and grew into the Horror fan that I am now, yes I have been AROUND awhile heh
    5) Richard Laymon hands down, he brings it ON you almost feel ashamed to be reading his intense blood fests with people at their extreme worst. Brian Keene is my second fave author, his spin on zombies is awesome and he is likeable as he leads you through the Darkness.
    6) elements I like first I crave character driven stories, I want to love, hate, care and exist with people as they go through different feelings, situations. I like a backstory that can be totally crazy, but believeable.
    I dont mind the characters being killed off esp the leads, it more REAL that way and frightening. I like to bathe in emotion when I read, go to sleep and dream wake up and feel relieved that it was only Fiction.
    7) Wow my favorite Horror book of all time? I dont know, if forced to answer I would say The Stand by Stephen King
    8) I like that other people have the same interests as me, Loving Horror has always made me feel like an ONLY ONE thats why I thrill that the zombie genre has gone mainstream lol
    9) I think its the tension, good Horror can have you at the edge of your seat holding your breathe like a good thrill ride
    10) Cthulhu
    Forest of Shadows put me in for
    I follow you on blog, twitter and goodreads


  3. daphne

    I follow Huntershea ON Twitter


  4. LInk for RaT and challenge: http://crtmusings.com/macabre-rat-update/
    Already have you on follow 😀
    Retweeted both challenges & following both authors.

    You make these challenges fun! Thank you again for yet another interesting challenge!


  5. Awesome challenges, I don’t know where to find the time to organise them!

    Happy reading 🙂


    • Aw, Ashleigh. I tried to make them fun and more simple, just typing kinds of things. And also tried to ease it up by letting everyone have a week to do each challenge and organize their time themselves (except Challenge 1). I know it is still hard to do it all in one week, but my author friends were so generous in offering books to giveaway.

      Hope you are doing well!


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  7. Here’s my survey! http://castlemacabre.blogspot.com/2012/04/spring-into-horror-my-updates-sticky.html It’s just below today’s update.

    I’ve tweeted and all several times, but you don’t have to put me down for extra entries. Loved this survey!


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  10. Here is the link to the challenge – http://www.4ahappierme.com/2012/04/spring-into-horror-read-thon-day-6.html

    I followed @DeniseKRago and @HunterShea1
    I tweeted the challenge – https://twitter.com/#!/4ahappierme/status/196467380338171904
    I tweeted challenge 2 – https://twitter.com/#!/4ahappierme/status/196467989007175680
    I am now following you on goodreads

    I would like to put my entries for Forest of Shadows


  11. here is my link: http://sarrod22.blogspot.com/2012/04/survey-questions-for-spring-into-horror.html
    i followed Denise and hunter and entered my email. I also tweeted this challenge and #2. Here are the links: https://twitter.com/#!/sarrod22/status/196521453317918720 and https://twitter.com/#!/sarrod22/status/196521221196750848 Also I mentioned you in one of them.


  12. OH ! i forgot i would like to put my entries for the Immortal obsession book 😀


  13. Yay! I saw your tweet that Canad is included for the giveaways! Thank you!

    Here is my blog post for Challenge 3:

    +1 for following you on Twitter (@DarleneBookNook)

    +1 for tweeting this challenge:

    +1 for tweeting Challenge 2:
    https://twitter.com/#!/ErinAlMehairi/status/195352624994852864 (I re-tweeted yours)

    +1 for mentioning @ErinAlMehairi on Twitter:

    +1 for following your blog by email (darlenesbooknook at gmail dot com)

    +1 for adding you as a friend on Goodreads (Darlene)

    +1 for following Immortal Obession @DeniseKRago on Twitter (@DarleneBookNook)

    +1 for following Forest of Shadows author @HunterShea1 on Twitter (@DarleneBookNook)

    I’d love to win either book, so please go ahead and split up my entries between them! Thanks!!


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