Winners of the Book Giveaways for Spring into Horror Read-a-Thon #SpringHorrorRAT

Alright, the moment all the Spring into Horror read-a-thoners have been waiting for has arrived! Who won all 12 books that were given away by some of my awesome author friends right here on Oh, for the Hook of a Book blog?

Well, after a lot of counting up totals for each of the people that entered each challenge and extra entries, I assigned everyone numbers as many as their number of entries, and then I plugged them into to generate winners (except in Challenge 2 for The Sorrows, which was whomever owned the most Stephen King books, and Challenge 5, which was the writing challenge judged by author of The Cursed Man).

Winners:  I will list the winners below, and attempt to contact each with the e-mails I can find for you. If you see this message, feel free to also send me your e-mail to hookofabook (at) hotmail (dot) com so I can contact you about how to receive your books. I will need to then give your info to the authors.

Authors: I will contact you with the correct information for each winner so you can send them their winnings.

Challenge 1~

One signed copy of Immortal Obsession by Denise K. Rago:
WINNER~Kai Charles from

One e-book of Guardian of Fate by L.J. Kentowski: 
WINNER~Nova from

Challenge 2~Who can list the most owned Stephen King books?

One signed copy of The Sorrows by Jonathan Janz:
WINNER~Darlene from with 68 titles owned!! (Although I have to give kudos to Kate from who had 59 and a cool blog with lots of photos.)

One Just After Sunset by Stephen King, hardback, from me (random draw):
WINNER~Daphne from

Challenge 3~The Survey on Horror

One signed copy of Immortal Obsession by Denise K. Rago
WINNER~Sary from

One signed copy of Forest of Shadows by Hunter Shea
WINNER~Gef (or Rabid) from

Challenge 4~10 Things You’d Take to Survive the Wilderness

One signed copy of Dead of Winter by Brian Moreland
WINNER~Daphne from

One e-book copy of Dead of Winter by Brian Moreland
WINNER~Melissa C. from

Challenge 5~Finish this Sentence Contest, judged by Keith Rommel, author of The Cursed Man

Signed copy of The Cursed Man, by Keith Rommel:
Keith really liked the story started by Michelle of She gets a signed copy and a promotion on my blog!

WINNER~Yes, there are more. Keith also liked that all the other readers participated and graciously has chosen Daphne at to also win a signed copy.

Keith will also send e-book copies to:
Kai Charles at
Darlene at

Challenge 6~Finale Giveaway!

One signed copy of Immortal Obsession by Denise K. Rago~
WINNER~Michelle at

One e-book of Guardians of Fate by L.J. Kentowski:
WINNER~Melissa C. at

One e-book of Dark Wolf Protector by Rhiannon Ellis:
WINNER~Darlene at

Thanks to EVERYONE for participating. I wish everyone could have won! Thanks for checking out all the books too. It was a great time and thanks again to all the authors for donating their awesome books.







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7 responses to “Winners of the Book Giveaways for Spring into Horror Read-a-Thon #SpringHorrorRAT

  1. OMG, OMG! I am so thrilled that Keith picked my little ‘story’! I’m going to expand on it and enter it in a contest. Thank you so much for my wins. I’m so excited! Can you tell? I’m off to email you now. 🙂


  2. Oops, forgot to congratulate all my read-a-thon peeps! I’m thrilled for you all!


  3. OUTSTANDING Horror Read A Thon!! Many thanks, I had a wonderful time, so glad to be able to interact with all of youuuuu


  4. Woo hoo! Thanks so much, and congrats to all the other winners!!


  5. LJ

    Congrats to all the winners!!! Thanks again, Erin for all of your hard work (fun) on this!


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