Tim Busbey Guest Book Reviews The Blood Gospel by James Rollins and Rebecca Cantrell

bloodgospelThe Blood Gospel

By James Rollins and Rebecca Cantrell

Harper Collins

In Stores Now

Guest Post by Tim Busbey–from http://www.timbusbey.wordpress.com

I’ve been a fan of best-selling author James Rollins for several years now. His Sigma Force series of military thrillers laced with historical mysteries has kept me coming back for more with each new tale. Now, Rollins has teamed up for the first time with best-selling author Rebecca Cantrell. For those of you unfamiliar with Cantrell, she is the award-winning writer of the Hannah Vogel mystery/thriller series.

But that’s not the only change with the new series (The Order of the Sanguines). Instead of another high-tech thriller in the same vein as his Sigma Force books, Rollins and Cantrell have created a thrilling supernatural horror story packed with plenty of high-octane adventure.

When a deadly earthquake strikes the fortress at Masada, Israel, uncovering a mysterious tomb, an unlikely trio is called in to investigate — Sergeant Jordan Stone, a military forensic expert; Father Rhun Korza, a Vatican priest; and Dr. Erin Granger, a brilliant, young archaeologist. Together with Jordan’s team of soldiers, the trio are shocked to find the mummified body of a young girl buried deep within the tomb.

Deep underground inside the ancient tomb, the group is attacked by powerful, supernatural forces. Only Jordan, Rhun and Erin survive the deadly attack as they discover they may be part of an ancient prophecy involving an historic Christian relic – The Blood Gospel. The Blood Gospel is rumored to be a Gospel written by Christ himself using His blood.

Jordan and Erin discover that Rhun is a member of the Order of the Sanguine, a secret sect of priests who are actually vampires who drink holy water instead of blood. The enemies of the Sanguine are the Strigoi, a vicious group of vampires also in search of the Blood Gospel.

Criss-crossing the globe from Israel to Vatican City to St. Petersburg, Russia, Rollins and Cantrell take the characters on a non-step adrenaline-laced ride as they battle the forces of evil and struggle to trust each other.

The Blood Gospel uses a number of Biblical stories, characters and ideas but it is no way religious fiction. If you are easily offended by fiction that challenges accepted beliefs about the Bible and Christianity, you might want to avoid this book. However, if you can enjoy a work of fiction that takes a look at history and the Bible and put a new spin on it, you definitely want to give The Blood Gospel a read.

I can’t say much more about the plot without giving away some big secrets and surprises. Especially the one in the last chapter. But I can say The Blood Gospel was a really fun read that kept me turning the pages. I loved all the twists and turns and anxiously awaited each new development.

Rollins and Cantrell have crafted a wonderful introduction for an exciting new series, full of rich characters with complex motivations. Book 2 can’t come soon enough.

On a scale of 1 to 5, I give The Blood Gospel a 4.5.

See more of Tim’s reviews at www.timbusbey.wordpress.com.

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  1. Michelle Castilla

    My favorite kinds of reads are the ones that keep you turning pages! I am into one at the moment that is just that. rsguthrie.com is where you can take a look at it. Blood Land, by R.S. Guthrie, this has been a fantastic ride and read, the pages are turning much quicker now as I am nearing the end. A great suggestion for a good thriller/mystery! Thanks for the review of their new series, I am excited to get started on it!


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