Wearing a Thinking Cap: Dr. Suess Celebrates Another Birthday!

I have had a few days break from a review or interview posting, so thought I’d share a photo I took on Instagram of my 5-year-old daughter in her homemade “hat.” She made it Saturday in honor of Dr. Suess’ birthday! Dr. Suess loved hats. He collected many different types in his travels and the more obnoxious the better! 

Look closely the next time you read some of his books at the various hats his story creations wear. I just gave Addie a cone shape piece of paper and let her go to work decorating it. Dr. Suess many times wore a hat when writing, to inspire himself, so I told her to put on her new thinking cap and read a book!

Many libraries and schools had celebrations last week and over the weekend to commemorate the man who is a legend. Not that he needs any introduction, I certainly still love Dr. Suess myself to this day. His many ideas and quotes can be referenced frequently in our daily lives.

What are your favorite books by Dr. Suess? Or what are your favorite quotes? Favorite characters?

Addie for Suess bday 2013


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2 responses to “Wearing a Thinking Cap: Dr. Suess Celebrates Another Birthday!

  1. It’d be fun to say I was a star-bellied sneetch. It just sounds cool, like a cotton-headed-ninny-muggin. 🙂


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