Monsters Arise: David Searls Releases Yellow Moon, a Novel of Suspense Horror

YellowMoon72lgToday I want to give you some information on a novel that author David Searls has re-releasing through Samhain Publishing: Horror on June 4, 2013! It’s called Yellow Moon, and I’ve recently heard numerous times that this book is one of the best horror novels out there! You’ll be reading my thoughts on Yellow Moon sometime soon once I get it read, and also, I should have an interview with David to post in the near future.
A fellow Ohio dweller like me, and near to my vicinity northwards towards Cleveland, David is a great guy who’s made writing his living, as well as publishing several great books with hopefully more to come. You can read about Yellow Moon below as well as about David. He’s modest, but die-hard horror fans have raved about him for many years. Don’t miss this version of Yellow Moon with the AWESOME new cover!
Yellow Moon Synopsis~
When the moon rises, the monsters descend!One day, thirty strangers arrived in the small town of Cleary, Ohio. And five boys vanished during a baseball game in the park. Bizarre tunnels have appeared under the town, leading to a place no earthly eye has seen before.
Eventually the children will return, but the once-peaceful town of Clearly may wish they’d stayed away. For they will not be alone. They will bring with them unimaginable creatures, monsters only visible in the eerie light of…the yellow moon.
Other reviews for Yellow Moon:
“Creepy and atmospheric, Yellow Moon is full of small-town authenticity. It’s like an alternate universe horror version of The Andy Griffith Show. So dare the light of Yellow Moon and read it!”
—Joe R. Lansdale, author
“Searls is a horror writer who goes for imagination and suspense rather than regurgitated splatter.”
—Ramsey Campbell, author
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Author David Searls, Biography~

David SearlsDavid Searls first had the novel Yellow Moon published by Warner Books in 1994. That was at the time the horror market was dying, so he wasn’t able to publish another work. He tried his hand at submitting mysteries and YA novels, but nothing got picked up.

 In the meantime, he worked as a copywriter at several Cleveland ad agencies, while also moonlighting, or sometimes fulltime freelancing, as a magazine and marketing communications writer. His magazine credits include Cleveland Magazine, Plain Dealer Sunday Magazine, The Writer, Super Lawyer,,, Concrete Décor, Case Engineering (a glossy publication from the Case Western School of Engineering) and countless others.

 He was also a stringer for People, where he was able to cover such stories as a high school counterfeiter in Des Moines Iowa, a horse murder case in Kentucky, lawn mower racers in Mansfield, a murder case in Cleveland, and a famous (or infamous) child abuse case in northwest Ohio, to name a few.  He’s interviewed Jim Belushi and Dan Aykroyd, and family members of other celebrities, in his time.

 In 2012, he had two novels released by Samhain Publishing’s Horror line which was newly developed. Those novels were Bloodthirst in Babylon and Malevolent. Both had originally been written right after Yellow Moon first got picked up in the 1990s. He constantly updated and revised them and was very pleased to have found a home for them with Samhain, especially Bloodthirst in Babylon, since that is his favorite of all his novels.

 Samhain Horror is re-releasing Yellow Moon on June 4, 2013, while David is still busy writing. He lives near Cleveland, Ohio.  You can reach him at and on Twitter @davidsearls1.

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