The Immortal American by L.B. Joramo is a Well-Researched Colonial America Paranormal Romance

The Immortal AmericanBeing a writer and researcher herself, I am not surprised that L.B. Joramo’s The Immortal American was both well-written and nicely researched. Taking place in Colonial America during the American Revolution, I found another fiesty female character in her protagonist, Violet Buccleuch. It seems I’ve been reading alot of books lately that star wonderfully independent and intelligent women, with Violet also fitting that description.

Though educated by her Quaker father, who encouraged Violet in her actions, when she becomes the provider for her family she feels she must marry Mathew, who she’s known since they were little. He’s nice and kind and would be a good husband, but then he introduces her to his mysterious friend, Jacque and her passions begin to lie elsewhere.

What turned into a complicated situation for Violet between the two also allowed us to enjoy her characters emotional depth.  The historical aspects of the book were authentic and the dialogue well-done. Joramo obviously takes pleasure in learning about the historical aspects of the late 1700s and her knowledge shows through in her writing.

This is an entertaining historical romance with a touch of mystery that will force you to begin to turn the pages to find out Jacque’s secret and to know if it could effect Violet too. In this way, The Immortal American is not only a historical novel, but a paranormal romance too. I haven’t come across very many of these that take place during the Colonial Period in American History, so that made it a bit more original in a myriad of these types of novels.

If you like historical and paranormal romance, I would recommend you check out this book for some vacation time pool side reading. Joramo sets the reader up with some memorable characters and an entertaining plot.

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The Immortal AmericanPublication Date: April 2, 2013
Paperback; 304p
ISBN-10: 1484015924

As black clouds gather for America in 1775 Violet Buccleuch transforms from simple colonial farmer to become the Immortal American.

While Boston roars with protests, Violet Buccleuch fights to survive. The lone provider for her mother and sister, Violet knows that soon enough she must surrender to the only option a woman of 1775 has: marriage.

For two years she’s delayed a wedding to Mathew Adams, her fiancé. He’s loved her since they were children, and Violet knows he will be a good husband. But he’s gone and committed the most dangerous mistake a man can make: He’s introduced her to his friend, Jacque Beaumont, a Frenchman and a spy, a dark, dangerous man Violet can’t stop herself from wanting.

Then Violet’s life is shattered–brutality, death, and the threat of debtor’s prison surround her. Both Jacque and Mathew come to her aid–one man rescues her farm, the other rescues her heart. As the Battle of Concord rages at her door, Violet is entangled between her loyalty to Mathew, even as she’s drawn further into Jacque’s shadowy, mysterious world – perhaps a world from which there’s no return.

Author L.B. Joramo, Biography~

Lanita JoramoI live in the Big Sky state, where I write, research, and love watching my son grow. I do live a bit of a fairy tale right now. Even with all the stress of deadlines, I live in a home where birds serenade me every day, my son amazes me with his humor, and I am doing exactly what I want—writing.

For more information, please visit L.B. Joramo’s website and blog.

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4 responses to “The Immortal American by L.B. Joramo is a Well-Researched Colonial America Paranormal Romance

  1. Huge congratulations on your release!!! I tweeted.


  2. This sounds like am amazing story! I can’t wait to read it! Thanks for the great review.


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