Happy Anniversary To the Monster Men!

See reblogged post above: Happy Two-Year Anniversary to two of my favorite guys! I love the Monster Men podcast. If you haven’t heard, tune in. You won’t be sorry (or maybe you will but no matter you’ll have fun!) so click link above to read the post.

Hunter Shea

Many, many moons ago, I worked with a guy who became a very close friend. Over beers we often talked shop – shop for us being horror books, movies and TV shows. It got to the point where we found ourselves exploring our favorite genre even without the beer. We brought new discoveries to each other (thank you for hooking me on the Brian Keene) and said on an almost daily basis, “Man, we need to do a show about all this stuff we talk about. Just two guys who love horror – kinda like listening in on us at the bar.”

That guy is Jack Campisi, otherwise known as my brother from another mother.

For years we kept threatening each other with taking the giant leap into putting a show together. With seven months to go before the release of my first horror novel, Jack decided it was time to…

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3 responses to “Happy Anniversary To the Monster Men!

  1. Thanks Erin! You are now an official monsterette!


  2. Erin, you rock. Thanks a lot.


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