Jim Morgan is BACK in Even More Adventurous Pirate Action: Book Launch for James Matlack Raney

Congratulations to James Raney today as he publishes the second book in his Jim Morgan adventure series, called Jim Morgan and the Pirates of the Black Skull!  I LOVE the cover and am so ready for some swashbuckling, imaginative, fantastical adventure! Can’t wait to get my copy, but wanted to tune readers in on launch day (though I’ll be posting a review and interview with James over the next month) as this series would make a great gift for a boy OR girl for Christmas! I read Jim Morgan and the King of Thieves back in May, which is his first book in the series, and you can read that review HERE!

Now check out this fun cover……makes ME want to jump on that ship!


Jim Morgan and the Pirates of the Black Skull, Synopsis:

Over a year has passed since Jim Morgan outwitted the King of Thieves and escaped from London with his friends, Lacey and the Brothers Ratt. Now, at long last, Jim is ready to return home to Morgan Manor.

But a dark vision haunts Jim’s dreams – a Crimson Storm with the face of a black skull. Soon, Jim is thrust into a deadly race against his father’s old enemies, Count Cromier and his son, Bartholomew. This time, he will face terrors beyond his imagination – pirate battles, hidden islands, sorcerers, and sea monsters.

New foes and magic forces will tempt and test Jim. For there are terrible secrets he has yet to learn, secrets about his father, the Treasure of the Ocean, and his own incredible destiny…

Adventure has a new name – Jim Morgan!

Amazon Purchase:  http://www.amazon.com/Jim-Morgan-Pirates-Black-Skull/dp/0985835931

James Matlack Raney, Biography~


James Matlack Raney grew up all over the world, in Europe, Latin America, and Africa. Now he calls Southern California home, writing adventures and occasionally living a few of his own.



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3 responses to “Jim Morgan is BACK in Even More Adventurous Pirate Action: Book Launch for James Matlack Raney

  1. I just started reading this! (Literally. I’m on page nine.) I agree; these books will make wonderful gifts for boys and girls of all ages. I bought a copy of the first book for my son already, even though he’s only one…I’m thinking it’ll make a great bedtime book once he’s a little older. 🙂
    Hope you enjoy it!


    • I agree, it will make a great bedtime book. Like a new Peter Pan on the nightstand! My 10 year old daughter loved the first book, she likes action/adventure, and will be thrilled also about book two. I love the magic fantasy can bring to our lives!


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