Don’t Call Me Christina Kringle by Chris Grabenstein: Endearing Holiday Ebook!

Christina KringleThis cute e-book by award-winning author Chris Grabenstein really embraces the spirit of Christmas–a time when circumstances can be transformed, outlooks improved, and miracles can happen. This was a great book for middle reader children that shows them how to overcome loss, even if it is of a parent, and that a sprinkle of magic can many times bring humor and happiness back into life.

Ten-year-old Christina’s Christmas is made brighter with the assitance of tiny little elves. Who doesn’t like elves? This story reminded me alot of one of my favorite fairy tales, The Elves and the Shoemaker. If your child reads ebooks (which you can read Kindle versions on many devices now with the app), then I would highly recommend this if you are looking for a fresh and endearing Christmas vacation read.

Chris Grabenstein’s stories are always funny and have a great human or entertaining element to them. In this one, he truly also takes on overcoming odds and how sometimes we all need a little bit of help and support!

My girls, ages 10 and 6, are going to love reading this book over their break from school and I am excited to show it to them. I think it will be easier to read this size book on the Kindle for them even if they do generally prefer print. Open Road Media has some great digital choices for children that supplements their regular library and this holiday title is a great addition.

Don’t Call Me Christina Kringle, Synopsis~

This December, a girl who hates Christmas is in for the surprise of her life.

Ten-year-old Christina Lucci absolutely despises everything about Christmas. The carols, the eggnog, the decorations—and most of all, Santa Claus. And for good reason: It all reminds her of her firefighter father, who loved the holiday season but died on the job last Christmas.

For Christina, no Christmas will ever be merry again. To make things worse, this year, her grandfather’s shoe repair shop is failing. Bills keep piling up and the bank is ready to seize the shop. What Christina needs is a Christmas miracle.

With the holidays fast approaching, Christina’s miracle comes in the form of magical brownies, spunky little creatures who just happen to be great at repairing shoes. These tiny helpers have the power to turn Christina’s whole life around—and maybe even get her back in the Christmas spirit.

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Chris Grabenstein, Biography~

img-chris-grabenstein-author-photo_180209318454Chris Grabenstein is author of critically acclaimed adult and young-adult thrillers. Winner
of two Anthony and three Agatha Awards, Chris writes fast-paced and fun page-turners for children and adults. He’s also a playwright and screenwriter not to mention a former advertising executive and improvisational comedian. Sometimes he sleeps.

He lives in New York City with his wife and his pets.

To see all his amazing book titles, including those with James Patterson and his newest release, go to:

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