Stop by Author Stephanie Dray’s Celebration Party! Talking Historical Fiction, Daughters of the Nile, and Prizes!

I absolutely love Stephanie Dray and am thrilled to say that after I read her newest release, Daughters of the Nile, I was mesmerized with even more love for her writing. My review is coming soon too, it’s been so hard to do this book justice with a review because it was just such an experience. In the meantime, she’s having a celebration party!  Right here—> (if you can’t click on it, put it in your browser).


In commemoration of the opening of the Ara Pacis on January 30, 9 BC, and in celebration of Stephanie Dray’s new book about the daughter of Cleopatra (which is, in part, about this famous monument) she’s having an event to talk about ancient Rome, Augustus, and win goodies from historical fiction authors!

Participating Authors and Bloggers Will Include:
(All Times EST)

Stephanie Dray 12pm-10pm
Jeannie Lin at 12pm
M.m. Bennetts at 12:30pm
Kate Quinn at 1pm
Erika Shephard Robuck at 1:15pm
Heather Webb at 1:30pm
Vicky Alvear Shecter at 1:45pm
J.F. Ridgley at 2pm
Kristina McMorris at 2:15pm
Donna Russo Morin at 3pm
Amy Phillips Bruno at 3:30pm
Eliza Knight at 4pm
Gillian Bagwell at 4:15pm
Sophie Perinot at 4:30pm
Kathryn Kimball Johnson (aka Mary Hart Perry) at 5pm
Audra Friend at 6pm
Helen Hollick at 6:15pm
Alma Katsu at 7pm
Roberta Oliver Trahan at 8pm
Marci McGuire Jefferson at 8:15pm
Stephanie Thornton at 8:30pm
Stephanie Cowell at 9pm
Sabrina Darby at 9:45pm

And more…

To learn more about the Nile series, visit:
Lily of the Nile:
Song of the Nile:
Daughters of the Nile:

See you there!!

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