Happy Valentine’s Day: A poem and photo from my archive!

Happy  Valentine’s Day everyone! Though mainly for lovers, since I’ve had kids we always celebrate with them too. To me, it just becomes a day to celebrate those you love, no matter who that might be. There is always plenty to do the week of Valentine’s Day in my household. I’ve made Valentine M&M cookies for 2 elementary classes, helped Emma with 30 Minion Valentines for her 4th grade class, Addie with 22 hearts with hand-braided friendship bracelets for her first grade class, and we made “Suitcases to Paris” out of recycled cereal boxes for their Valentine boxes. We had a blast, but I’m tuckered out and so don’t have a long blog for you today.

What I will leave you with for Valentine’s Day is a poem I wrote back in 2011 over Valentine’s Day and a photo I took and made into a card. I hope you enjoy!! Have a beautiful day and spread some love around!!


Love is intertwined emotion,
balanced by the sands of time,
ever increasing in meaning,
forever grasping life and soul.

Love is the reality for living,
it guides us like ebb and flow,
it is the only thing to save us
when the whole world seems to
leave us alone.

Love is the ageless friend,
always churning newness and hope,
our best asset for peace and giving,
our only real reason for living.
~by Erin Al-Mehairi, 02/11/11


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One response to “Happy Valentine’s Day: A poem and photo from my archive!

  1. Hope you had a very happy heart day. It was also my wedding anniversary. We stayed in (wife still recovering from surgery) and watched Bad Grandpa with the kids. Funny but filthy movie. Yet another oddball holiday in our house. LOL


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