Three St. Patrick’s Day Original Stories by My Children!

LepymushroomThe kiddos of Hook of a Book have written stories to entertain you and bring you rainbows of joy for St. Patrick’s Day! The prize is even bigger than a pot-o-gold at the end of this post, the winnings are reading fabulous unique fiction of aspiring writers of a young age. I gave them the challenge to write a story and within an hour, this is what they came up with.

If you’re so inclined, please leave them comments in the appropriate section and I’ll be sure they read them! This St. Patrick’s Day post is fully centered around the kid’s, Addie, age 6, Emma, age 10, and Nassem, age 14, stories, so be sure to check the blog later in the day for our annual “all things St. Patrick’s Day post as well.


AddieA Leprechaun Named Saint
by Addie Busbey (unedited)

Once upon a time there was a lepracon named St. and he was so excited because St. Pacherecs Day was coming up. His name was named after it. He couldn’t wait to get a big pot of gold for St. Pacherecs Day. St. was excited because he got to pick 4 leaf clovers. All his freinds were happy and they knew that it was always going to be a happy day but they didn’t know that there was a villen whaching them.  The villen was going to make it all damp so he wouldn’t have to whach them any more but what he didn’t know is that it was only going to be damp for one day.  Then it was nighttime.  Then when it was morning the lepracons saw that it was all damp but then two trees went down and they saw a naste castle and they thought the person that lived in there might have done it so they all went to the castle. They talked to the villen about it, who lived in the castle, and then the lepracon and the villen which is no longer a villen became freinds.

Mom Note: Always sweet when villens and lepracons become friends, right?


EmmaThe Day I Was a Leprechaun, or Was It Just a Day….
By Emma Al-Mehairi (unedited)

The day I was a Leprechaun was a strange day. When I was 7 years old, I would think about what it would be like to be a Leprechaun and that is all I would think about. I always thought that if I became a Leprechaun everything would be so cool and I would be treated the same. Now I am 18, and it’s not the same story.

This St. Patrick’s Day, I saw a shooting star and I wished to become a Leprechaun, which I thought was just another wish that never comes true, but I was wrong.

I woke up the next morning to get ready for school, and my brother Jack started to scream the first second he saw me. I had no idea why he was screaming, but I didn’t worry about it because crazy and annoying is his personality.  The thing that got to me however, is that my mom screamed too. That was weird, because my brother gets his personality from my dad.  My brother is nothing like my mom. I knew something was up so I went upstairs to look in the mirror and I was a Leprechaun! Right away, I got on my computer and looked up all of my ancestors to see if any of them had any Irish in them.  None of them did!  I was a Leprechaun. This would change everything….

Part 2

I couldn’t go to school looking like this. I had to figure out a way to fix this or my life would be ruined.  I couldn’t go to school because of Mandi, the mean girl, who would destroy me. I had to convince my mom to let me stay home.

I got to stay home from school that week. I was walking out on the sidewalk in disguise and I tripped over a big rock and fell flat on my face. The square in the sidewalk that I fell on started to glow.  I stood up and it opened! I went down the slide that lead into a portal and it was a place like no other. It felt magical. There were potions, pots, and magic books. I almost felt like I was in a fairytale! I opened one of the magic books and it started to talk to me!  It sounded like the sound effects they used in a the horror movies, but once it started to talk, it was actually very nice.  It asked how I had gotten there and what I needed help with. I told it all the information and it offered to guide me through everything to help me get back to my normal self.  It helped me find the right potion and the spell I had to cast on myself to turn me back to normal.  I was really nervous because if I didn’t do it right the first time, I would be a Leprechaun forever! I was ready.

I cast the spell, then I drank the potion and I turned back.  I was so happy and so thankful because without the book I probably would have been stuck like this forever.  The only problem was trying to figure out how to get home. I looked for hours and then I found a door. It was glowing and I opened it. It was swirling, like a time machine, and I had no idea where it would lead me to, but it was my only hope to getting home. I jumped in and I couldn’t see anything. It was twisting and turning me around, but I flew out and I was right in front of my yard. I was happy to be home an back to normal. I ran inside and my mom gave me a big hug and asked me where I had gone. I told her all about it and Jack heard too. My mom believed me because she was into the fantasy world and believed anything could happen if you just believe!


2013-09-14 16.32.45An Irish Snake Parable
by Nassem Al-Mehairi

So, you are celebrating St. Patrick’s Day? You know, I had a role in it. Oh, you do not believe me? Let me show you.

My name is Serpens. I am a snake, an Irish one. I lived in a little village named Dundalk, in northern Ireland. Back then, we called it Hiberia, the Latin name for my island, my home.

There was one day, in my memory, that changed the course of my life. I was living in the trees outside Dundalk, where I was away from the humans. I remember hearing marching, people cheering, shouting. I slithered quietly out to the side of the trail, the green leaves covering my body.

I saw a man, a man with a short black beard and a wooden staff in his right hand, walking toward the center of Dundalk. People surrounded him, asking him questions, he staying his tongue. I quietly followed them until they reached the center of town.

The bearded man stood on a wooden cart, and as the townsfolk listened intently to him, I did so as well.

He boomed, “Hello, my fellow brothers and sisters, born of God. I am Patrick, and have come here today to save your souls! Your immortal souls, I will cleanse them and help you become God-fearing people!”

People suddenly began to change in their composure. Some vocally began to boo Patrick, some threw rotten foods at him. Hiberia was not Christian, not very much so anyway, then. He said, dodging nasty looking vegetables, said, “I will go to the top of that hill, and if I survive for 40 days without food, you must agree to hear me out!”

The leader of Dundalk came to the front of the crowd, and said, “Yes, we will agree to that. If, or I should say when, you die up there, we will bury you properly.”

Patrick sighed, and began the trek up the hill.


34 days had passed, Patrick still up at the top of the hill. No food, how was he surviving? I decided to go up the hill and see for myself.

When I got up the hill, I saw the man with the black beard. I hid in the tall grass, as he sat and prayed. I wondered if this was all he did, during the time he was up here.

I looked around myself, and realized that there were other snakes here. Many. They slowly, in unison, came up to Patrick. They hissed, and he opened his eyes. He looked down upon them, and said, “Why are you here, little snakes?”

They swarmed around him, ready to attack him. He said, toward the heavens, “Help me, good Lord. Deliver me.”

Just soon enough, the other snakes, but not me, began to rise, and as they rose into the blue sky above, Patrick called out, “Lord, do not harm them!”

Dundalk is a coast town, so the snakes were dropped into the sea. Patrick cursed God, never wanting to hurt the snakes. He got up, and walked over to go down the hill, too depressed to stay up there any longer. When he looked down, his eyes met mine. He smiled, and said, “Hello, little snake.” He picked me up.

“Oh, you are very beautiful. You are also a very special snake.” He took me, and made me his companion.


I went to all the places Patrick went, spreading the word of God. You see, he felt bad about all the other snakes being banished, so he adopted me. He never wanted to chase the snakes out of Hiberia. He was a kind soul, one who loved all the people and the animals alike. I wanted to clear his name, and as you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, remember the kindness he showed me, and begin to show more of it in your own life.


Happy St. Patrick’s Day!! 

Note: These stories are of full ownership by the authors and Hook of a Book Media. Copyright applies.



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2 responses to “Three St. Patrick’s Day Original Stories by My Children!

  1. Addy: I believe you have a wonderful understanding of how a story’s plot should unfold. Your story has an interesting beginning which sets the scene and introduces the characters, then a good middle which shows problems and conflict developing, then a satisfying ending in which you resolved the conflict well.

    Emma: You show good understanding of the first person point of view. The voice you gave to your main character is realistic and charming. You did a great job helping the reader envision the personalities of your secondary characters through the eyes of your main character. Your plot developments and complications are creative.

    Nassem: I believe I’ve read some of your work before and I think you are a talented young writer. I appreciate that you’re careful in your grammar and respectful of the rules of writing. I encourage you to continue to study your mechanics because I think you’re going to want to start breaking some of those rules intentionally soon, at least in fiction.

    I think your story is an excellent twist on an existing legend. It takes courage to so dramatically rewrite a story that “everyone” already knows.

    All three of you: Thank you for sharing your work. Keep writing.


  2. Marsha Lambert

    Fantastic stories! I enjoyed each one. Wonderful.


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