Getting Ready to Wear the Book Giver Badge for World Book Night, April 23!

Have you heard of World Book Night? Are you participating? My family (Tim and the three kiddos) are handing out FREE books tomorrow night during the 2014 World Book Night! Once we were sent in our application last Fall, and were selected, we could choose several from a list of books that we might want, and then, the organization assigned one to us.

I am very happy that we’ll be handing out The Zookeeper’s Wife, by Diane Ackerman. We have 20 copies, with a special event cover, that will be given to random people around our town of Ashland, Ohio!

zookeeper's wife

We picked up our box last Friday at Main Street Books, the only independent bookstore in Mansfield (Richland County), Ohio, and attended their reception for givers. Thank you to Main Street Books for having us in and for hosting the event!  Tim even wore his media badge and wrote a pre-article for World Book Night in our area for an online news source called RichlandSource, where he’s a correspondent.


2014-04-18 21.24.23

2014-04-18 19.13.00

We are excited to head out tomorrow to pass our books. We’ll probably go to a local shop and hand to employees and leave some at their library at Scenic River Cafe at Buehler’s Fresh Foods in Ashland. We will head to the Eagle’s Nest at the student center at Ashland University. We might stop with a few at the Ashland Public Library. We’ll take some to Associated Charities possibly. We hope to make some rounds around town, promoting literary and offering books. Hopefully, we’ll hear a few stories about reading that I’ll be able to share with you. And of course, photos!

World Book Night Information~

WBN2014_logo_672x652World Book Night U.S. (WBN) is dedicated to spreading the love of reading, person to person. On April 23, 2013, U.S. book givers personally handed out half a million printed books in 6,200 towns and cities across the country. Books are primarily for non-readers, in the hope of encouraging them to read or offering material to those who otherwise might not be able to purchase.  You can read more about World Book Night here.

On April  23,  2014,  (Shakespeare’s birthday) 25,000  volunteers  from  Kodiak  to  Key  West  will  give  away  half  a  million  free  books  in  more  than  6,000  towns  and  cities  across America. WBN is in its third year.

The  WBN  picks  are  by  a  wide  array  of  award-winning  and  bestselling  adult  and  YA  authors,  as  well  as classics,  books  in  Spanish,  and  books  in  Large  Print.  The  assortment  of  39  WBN  titles  is  based  on  diversity in  subject matter,  age  level,  gender,  ethnicity  and  geography.  The  books  were  chosen  in  a  vote  by booksellers,  librarians,  and  givers.

New this year, get a FREE e-book full of stories from WBN! Go here and nab it:

Want to follow & share all the book giving awesomeness on social media?
Use the official hashtag #WBN2014.


The Zookeeper’s Wife, Synopsis~

zookeeper's wifeThe Zookeeper’s Wife is a strange, but historically true story of WWII. It reveals the extraordinary efforts of Jan and Antonina Zabinski, Christian zookeepers horrified by Nazi racism, who capitalized on the Nazis’ obsession with pureblood animals in order to save over 300 doomed people by hiding them in the bombed-out cages at the Warsaw Zoo. A tale of people, animals, and subversive acts of compassion.

The Zookeeper’s Wife is a groundbreaking work of nonfiction,”said selection committee member Mark Kurlansky, “in which the human relationship to nature is explored in an absolutely original way through looking at the Holocaust.” Kathleen Dean Moore, the committee’s chairperson, said: “A few years ago, ‘nature’ writers were asking themselves, How can a book be at the same time a work of art, an act of conscientious objection to the destruction of the world, and an affirmation of hope and human decency? The Zookeeper’s Wife answers this question.”

Diane Ackerman’s Biography~

See Diane Ackerman’s amazing biography here. Did you know she has a degree from Kenyon College, Ohio folks?



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5 responses to “Getting Ready to Wear the Book Giver Badge for World Book Night, April 23!

  1. Have a fabulous time, Erin! Hope it’s a great success


  2. Very cool. I hope you had fun giving out the books. What a great night in celebration of books.


    • Yes, it was more moving and touching that I thought even. People were quite surprised it was free and some were very thrilled….gas station attendant gentleman and a custodian specifically were quite pleased. They’ll be a blog about it to come.


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