The Finale of The Tiger and the Dove Trilogy, Consolamentum, Publishes by Rebecca Hazell

Rebecca Hazell’s third book in her The Tiger and the Dove series, called Consolamentum, debuted to the published world on September 1, 2014! Rebecca tells the captivating tale of a Kievan Rus’ princess, set in the 13th Century during the time of the Mongol invasions. She said, “the story chronicles an adventure akin to a character from the Game of Thrones, but with the feminine sensibilities of Jane Austen.”  The princess goes from fleeing the Mongols to  Iran to Antioch to Constantinople to Venice…all while under going some amazing challenges and quests, both personal and external.

Completing her amazing trilogy, which started with The Grip of God (you can see my lengthy review of the HERE) and moving on to Solomon’s Bride (you can read that review HERE), now readers can read the dramatic end to an epic story! Be sure to watch for my review coming mid-October. Until then, enter to win a set of all three novels in e-book format and read an excerpt from Consolamentum!! And read a past interview between Rebecca and I HERE where we discuss Mongols and Women in History.

To enter to win the entire The Tiger and the Dove trilogy for the Kindle, click on this RAFFLECOPTER LINK!

Consolamentum edited

About Consolamentum, Book Three and Final in The Tiger and the Dove Triology

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In the finale of Sofia’s memoir, Consolamentum, both dramatic and poignant, her dreams of home are shattered when her own family betrays her. Raising her child on her own, mourning the loss of her beloved knight, and building a trading empire, she seeks safe haven for her child and herself. Her quest takes her from Antioch to Constantinople to Venice. A surprise reunion in Venice leads her to France where she runs afoul of the newly established Holy Inquisition, possibly the greatest challenge she has yet faced. Can a woman so marked by oppression, betrayal, and danger ever find her safe haven, much less genuine happiness?

The novel is available both in paperback and Kindle versions and through your local bookstore by special order.

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And now an EXCERPT~

Lady Heloise added, “It is said that Saint Denis rose up after his execution, picked up his head, and walked a thousand feet before falling again. That is where a pilgrimage shrine was later founded, but the abbey that bears his name lies farther to the north. You will soon see that it is quite beautiful and also very special, for it is where all the kings of Francia have been buried since it was built. The king, I hear, intends to commission effigies to lie over each tomb, even of the earliest kings of Francia, like Clovis and Pepin. I find it very moving, and you must as well; it is good politics.

“Oh, look, they are already setting up for the October fair; one farmer always sells the richest cream you ever tasted. Not that I use it for eating: it also works wonders on the skin.”

As we passed, I saw many men and a few women setting up booths and stalls and even a few solid buildings. The aroma of roasting meat drifted across our path.

The fair was not yet open, but she and several other ladies did fall back to buy trinkets and, yes, cream, which the vendors were glad to sell them. I made the mistake of following behind. They were already returning, and I should have gone with them then, but I was drawn by a tent surrounded by colorful banners depicting odd-looking symbols. I thought just to look at them quickly and then to return to ask Heloise what they meant, but a woman dressed in motley came out when I rode up and began urging me inside her tent to have my fortune told. When I refused, a gang of hard-looking men suddenly surrounded me.

They probably had never heard a lady scream, but scream I did, and several knights in our company were soon bearing down on the ruffians, laying about and quickly rescuing me. This was shaming enough, but the king and queen heard the noise and were staring at me as I rode back, red-faced, to join their train. Lord Joscelin rode back to see me, looking stern. At least he began with, “Are you all right?” I nodded, looking down, unable to meet his eye. But then he added, “Don’t do anything foolish like that again. King Louis marked it, and you especially offended him by seeking out a fortune teller!”

rebecca hazellRebecca Hazell, Biography~

Rebecca Hazell is a an award winning artist, author and educator. She has written, illustrated and published four non-fiction children’s books, created best selling educational filmstrips, designed educational craft kits for children and even created award winning needlepoint canvases. She is a senior teacher in the Shambhala Buddhist lineage, and she holds an honours BA from the University of California at Santa Cruz in Russian and Chinese history.

Rebecca lived for many years in the San Francisco Bay Area. In 1988 she and her family moved to Halifax, Nova Scotia, and in 2006 she and her husband moved to Vancouver Island. They live near their two adult children in the beautiful Cowichan Valley.

Visit Rebecca:

Website | Goodreads | Facebook


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  1. Thanks for being on the tour, Erin! The epic trilogy comes to an end. I can’t wait for what Rebecca has in store for us next. 🙂


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