Sci-Fi Scavenger Tale Inspired by Hugh Howey’s Sand: Action, Adventure, and Emotion in the Land of Sand

I was very happy to announce yesterday that Timothy C. Ward published Scavenger: Blue Dawn, the second part of a five-part series of sand diver short stories and novellas inspired by Hugh Howey’s Sands. Tim Busbey and I were very honored to be able to serve as his EDITORS through our Hook of a Book Media business!

Scavenger can be read without having read Sand. It is being written and sold with permission from Hugh Howey. Ward said: “Scavenger is a Sci-Fi adventure mashup of 24 and Dune with a bit of Ronald Malfi type characters to make you care.” Umm…he said Ronald Malfi, how could you go wrong??!! Action, adventure, survival, and human emotion all entwine.

We feel that if you have picked up Scavenger, Part 1: Red Sands, please do as you’ll read quick through its 25 pages, while also downloading Scavenger Part 2: Blue Dawn. Catch up and be ready for Part 3 next month. If you can drop him a review, that will really help the author out heading into compiled collective.

We hope you enjoy the sand adventure in a time in the future where Denver is not longer as you know it! Let me know what you think and have fun playing in the sand!

Check out the fabulous cover by Shawn King, then see below for the information on the books and purchase links.

 Scavenger 2 Blue Dawn

Scavenger Part 2: Blue Dawn, Synopsis

Part Two of the new epic set in Hugh Howey’s world of SAND, a future American dystopia covered in sand and ruled by the powerful few. Written and sold with his permission, Scavenger can be read without having read SAND.

Called Mad Max 2 with more sand, the journey of Divemaster Rush across the sands of this post-apocalyptic America continues. The narrow escape out of Springston toward the fabled under-sand city of Danvar will risk many lives as the technologies of the past and the leaders of the present collide in a race across the American Desert and into an abandoned military base.

A Sand Diver Tale inspired by Hugh Howey’s Sand. Hugh Howey’s novel, Sand, introduced us to a future America covered in sand and the terrorists who will stop at nothing to unearth the fabled city of Danvar.

Timothy Ward’s Scavenger centers on the story of Divemaster Rush, a bereaved father and estranged husband who is offered a job he can’t refuse. Rush can either harden his heart and survive or risk his life for what already seems lost.

Now planned into a five part epic.

File Size: 3612 KB
Print Length: 88 pages
Simultaneous Device Usage: Unlimited
Publisher: Spike Publishing (September 30, 2014)
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.




And see where Scavenger starts by also picking up the first part!

Scavenger Red Sands

Scavenger Part 1: Red Sands

File Size: 4233 KB
Print Length: 25 pages
Simultaneous Device Usage: Unlimited
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.



“It is a brisk slice of action with an emotional core that feels genuine rather than tacked on. And with the familiar setup in another writer’s world, Tim Ward made “Scavenger” all his own. An adequate enticement to read Howey’s novel and a promising sign that I should keep a look out for Tim’s work in the future, too.” –Gef, Wag the Fox

Timothy C. Ward, Biography~

Tim WardTim Ward is the Executive Producer of Adventures in SciFi Publishing podcast and website. He is the author of “Cornhusker: Demon Gene” and many yet unpublished stories. He’s currently published two parts of his Scavenger series, which is inspired by Hugh Howey’s Sand universe.

His upcoming novel is Order After Dark, where the apocalypse opens up the rift between Iowa and the Abyss and a future novel, Kaimerus, is described as, “Firefly crashes on Avatar and wakes up 28 Days Later.”



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