The Tudor Vendetta, Elizabeth I Spymaster Chronicles, Offers Suspense, Espionage, and Compelling Prose

Please join C.W. Gortner as he tours online for the release of the third book in his Spymaster Chronicles Series, The Tudor Vendetta, stopping here today for my REVIEW, and enter to win a complete set of the trilogy below!

02_The Tudor Vendetta

It’s no secret that I am a huge fan of C.W. Gortner’s writing and he’s on my list of favorite writers. His work, primarily the first Spymaster book, The Tudor Secret, along with Michelle Moran’s The Heretic Queen, helped launch me back into the exciting world of historical fiction after reading so much non-fiction. I found Christopher to be an amazing writer and I highly anticipated the rest of his Spymaster series. Since then he’s continue to thrill me with his writing style. It’s one that allows you to immerse fully in the story, forgetting to eat or drink and burning the midnight oil (or 4 a.m. oil) without feeling a thing.

In my personal opinion, The Tudor Vendetta, is the best one yet! It’s packed completely full of action and intrigue which far surpasses the others and those were great! I think Christopher pushes himself to bigger and better things with each book.

Brendan Prescott, who is a spy (and secretly of the Tudor line) for the interests of Elizabeth Tudor, opens the novel in record speed as he is being trained in physical techniques by Cecil and propelled right back into court intrigue. The political scene is ripe as Elizabeth is about to finally take the throne after her sister Mary and everyone wants a piece of England. I liked that the beginning of the book had a wealth of action this time and started off with a mystery without any delay. I honestly never wanted to put the book down from the start and read in two sittings, longing for it when I was away from it. Tim even said, “I see you looking at that book, you want to read more of it, don’t you?” Ha!

I was fully captivated by the suspense, intrigue, and savvy game play of the novel. Brendan was quicker, smarter, more confident, and completely sure of himself as he set off on his secret mission for Elizabeth, one that even Cecil and Walsingham do not even know about! I loved the setting and storyline of Brendan’s mission this time and was immersed in the mystery. I even felt a bit of Agatha Christie in the Elizabethan world!

Christopher’s details, atmosphere, and character development is nothing sort of stunning with each location and each character whether lead or supporting, but his plot structure is even more superb. I am not easy to fool, but Christopher kept me guessing and surprised me several times over! I was blown away by the last half of the novel and found myself on pins and needles to know the outcome(s).

As always with Christopher’s novels, I enjoyed his use of animals and his kind care to construct their characters. Anyone who can make an animal in a book fully dimensional as Christopher does is a writer with extreme talent and with the utmost of compassion. Of course I have always loved Brendan’s horse Cinnabar, but the time C.W. takes to make sure characters care for the animals is something I really admire. I also love when he introduces new pets, and I really enjoyed Bardolf, the mastiff!

I enjoyed the use of Vaughn Hall and his depictions of the scenery inside and out that lent to an atmospheric air of gloom or mystery that fit perfectly with the story. I also valued his historical accuracy and lesson in showcasing how outlying nobility had been made poor and why, the state of England during this time of turmoil, and though he mentions the religious strife between Protestants and Catholics I’m glad he didn’t let it weigh down the story.

As many historical fiction works of the Tudor time period can be dark, gray, brutally honest, morbid, and quite sad, I enjoyed reading Christopher’s tale that he created with more light than we usually get from this time period, even allowing Elizabeth to be viewed as sympathetic, smiling, and caring. The story line is completely fabricated, but I didn’t care, and I hope others don’t either, as it was just a very entertaining read using historical figures of a favorite time period. And certainly any of it could have happened, it certainly read with authenticity and plausibility!

Most of all, Christopher writes, as usual, with a robust vocabulary I appreciate, smooth phrasing, pristine sentences, flawless imagery, and well….what can I say, perfection. The Tudor Vendetta is like the best coffee you ever had on the best morning you’ve ever had, as it carries a huge jolt of caffeinated page-turning suspense with the luscious, creamy, smoothy taste of the best wordsmithing and plot pointing in historical fiction.

If you are a fan of espionage and mystery as I am (I love Bond, Le Carre, Christie) and love historical settings, I highly recommend you give this series a try, but read them all, and savor this one. I don’t know if Christopher will write more, but I’ll BEG him too!! My life will not be complete without more Spymaster books. Maybe if Brendan is settled, another trusted friend could appear. I mean with Elizabeth I just taking the throne, and her astrologer Dee coming into the picture, there is A LOT more espionage to be had! I for one, want more intrigue to be lost in.

Thanks,Christopher, for writing one of the best historical fiction and historical espionage set of books ever. Really nothing compares. I can’t give away the ending, but for once I could put a Tudor book down and feel happy!!

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02_The Tudor VendettaThe Tudor Vendetta, Synopsis~

Publication Date: October 21, 2014
St. Martin’s Press
Formats: eBook, Paperback

Series: Spymaster Chronicles
Genre: Historical Mystery

Winter, 1558: Elizabeth I has ascended the throne but the first days of her reign are already fraught with turmoil, the kingdom weakened by strife and her ability to rule uncertain.

Summoned from exile abroad at the new queen’s behest, Brendan Prescott arrives in London to face his shattered past. He soon finds himself pitted in deadly rivalry with his life-long foe, Robert Dudley, but when a poison attempt overshadows the queen’s coronation, Elizabeth privately dispatches Brendan on a far more dangerous assignation: to find her favored lady-in-waiting, Lady Parry, who has vanished in Yorkshire.

Upon his arrival at the crumbling sea-side manor that may hold the key to Lady Parry’s disappearance, he encounters a strange, impoverished family beset by grief, as well as mounting evidence that they hide a secret from him. The mystery surrounding Lady Parry deepens as Brendan begins to realize there is far more going on at the manor than meets the eye, but the closer he gets to the heart of the mystery, the more he becomes the quarry of an elusive stranger with a vendetta— one that could expose both his own buried identity and a long-hidden revelation that will bring about Elizabeth’s doom.

From the intrigue-laden passages of Whitehall to a foreboding Catholic manor and the prisons of the Tower, Brendan must risk everything to unravel a vendetta that strikes at the very core of his world, including his loyalty to his queen.

The Tudor Vendetta is the third book in Gortner’s Elizabeth I Spymaster Trilogy.

Praise for The Tudor Vendetta~

“Fast paced and exciting, with a most engaging hero . . . So vivid, you feel are there!” – Diana Gabaldon, bestselling author of the Outlander series

“C.W. Gortner has done it again! Full of breathtaking action, dark twists and unexpected revelations, this is an unputdownable read.” – Michelle Moran, bestselling author of Madame Tussaud

“Suspense, intrigue, betrayal and deadly rivalry: What more can you ask for? A swashbuckling, perilous adventure.” – M.J. Rose, bestselling author of The Reincarnationist

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C.W. Gortner, Biography~

03_CW GortnerC.W. GORTNER holds an MFA in Writing with an emphasis in Renaissance Studies from the New College of California, as well as an AA from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in San Francisco.

After an eleven year-long career in fashion, during which he worked as a vintage retail buyer, freelance publicist, and fashion show coordinator, C.W. devoted the next twelve years to the public health sector. In 2012, he became a full-time writer following the international success of his novels.

In his extensive travels to research his books, he has danced a galliard at Hampton Court, learned about organic gardening at Chenoceaux, and spent a chilly night in a ruined Spanish castle. His books have garnered widespread acclaim and been translated into twenty-one languages to date, with over 400,000 copies sold. A sought-after public speaker. C.W. has given keynote addresses at writer conferences in the US and abroad. He is also a dedicated advocate for animal rights, in particular companion animal rescue to reduce shelter overcrowding.

C.W. recently completed his fourth novel for Ballantine Books, about Lucrezia Borgia; this third novel in his Tudor Spymaster series for St Martin’s Press; and a new novel about the dramatic, glamorous life of Coco Chanel, scheduled for lead title publication by William Morrow, Harper Collins, in the spring of 2015.

Half-Spanish by birth and raised in southern Spain, C.W. now lives in Northern California with his partner and two very spoiled rescue cats.

For more information please visit C.W. Gortner’s website and blog. You can also connect with him on Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, Pinterest, and YouTube.

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