Happy St. Patrick’s Day Hello and Links!

erin go braghHappy St. Patrick’s Day everyone! It’s the day I most like saying “Erin Go Bragh!” Yes, even though I was born in England, I am named after the country of Ireland. It was my dad’s idea, his grandparents on his mother’s side were Irish.

I know usually each year I have plenty to post to my blog about the day, from books and movies to read and watch, to our activities at home, to my kid’s fun stories, but this year, we just seem to have been too busy to compile lists and even the kids didn’t get their stories written. You’ll have to see my post earlier today where I review Reluctantly Charmed, a fun novel set in Ireland that debuted today (3/17/2015).

But on Sunday, we did eat my traditional Irish Stew, Irish Soda Bread, drank Leprechaun punch, and had our “Find the Leprechaun Gold” scavenger hunt as usual, as we watched the animated movie The Secret of the Kells.

This year I’d thought I’d post links to past blogs from St. Patrick’s Day. Maybe take a peek at those if you missed them before or have a look again. There are children’s book suggestions, movie suggestions, recipes, and my kid’s original stories from last year.

Children’s Book Ideas and Irish Reads

Book and Movie Ideas/Family Fun

3 Original Irish Stories by My Kids

An Oldie Post with Recipes

Enjoy! May you be blessed today!



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