Cat Thursday Christmas!

Hi everyone! I have a ton of reviews and interviews to catch up with on Oh, for the Hook of a Book! There will be quite a few coming this month as I stuck my nose to the grind with my Hook of a Book Media and Publicity work AND this blog to make some proper headway.

To keep my sanity, I thought I’d do a fun post. But you’ll have to either love cats or find humor in them to like this post.

Michelle over at True Book Addict does Cat Thursday Christmas and I thought that was a cute idea! Thanks Michelle! So here is my take on cats and Christmas…


Isn’t there something about cats and books? Most people that like books, or are writers, seem to like cats, even if they lay across keyboards, sit on our papers, and sit on bookshelves.

If there is something cats love more than paper and books, it’s Christmas trees and ornaments, right? I always had cats growing up. I’m partial to black, and black and white, cats myself. It never failed every year that my cat, Mittens, would climb the tree and sleep in the middle of it. She passed away when I was in college, but my mom had a hand-painted ornament of her done for me and so she sits on my tree every year still. I remember lots of ornament batting, and her knocking them off the tree and running around the house with them, and maybe even our tree almost coming over one or two times from her climbing. Then there was the time my other cat, a black Siamese, caught a mouse, wrapped it in tinsel she somehow gathered from the tree, and then placing it under like a present!


Our family has another black and white cat now. He sniffs around when we put up our tree and checks out our boxes, wanting to sleep in them while we decorate, but beyond that he’s never too interested in the tree! Sometimes he sleeps under it. It’s uncanny really. He could destroy it if he wanted, and he loves to play, but he doesn’t bother our tree. He does get excited for his stocking though! Maybe he has a deal with the reindeer or he’s trying to stay on Santa’s good side! Or possibly, he’s just thankful I don’t dress him up like so many people do to cats and then take photos! My case in point below…


I have no idea who those cats belong to, but the photos are funny! <pulled them off a Google search>

Maybe the reason cats destroy trees is because Santa doesn’t use them for any duties, not that cats like to do anything other than sleep and eat! But really can we blame him for not using cats?


Now that we’ve had a good laugh, I will say that cats do make Christmas fun and we love them even with their quirky personality traits!

My kids and I read lots of stories of Christmas cats, some with beautiful art and endearing stories, and some with crazy cats like Bad Kitty and Splat the Cat (both black and white you know!). One of those books we read every year is A Pussycat’s Christmas by Margaret Wise Brown. I love the art in this book. You can view more HERE.


Do you have any Christmas cat books you love to read or that you read with your kids? Feel free to leave in the comments!

Merry Christmas from our cat and to all the Christmas cats out there! May your Christmas be blessed with ornaments to bat, your stockings filled with catnip, and your 2016 find plenty of books to sleep on! This card by Anne Marsh looks just like my cat!



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2 responses to “Cat Thursday Christmas!

  1. Hi, just saw your link over at The True Book Addict and came over to visit your blog! My cat is nothing like yours – he’ll destroy all the Christmas decor 🙂
    Merry Christmas!


  2. LOVE this post, Erin! As you know (and can tell from my weekly feature, Cat Thursday) I adore cats so reading a post like this makes my day. Love your stories about your cats and Christmas. Arya and Alice have been pretty good with the tree, although Arya does like to lay underneath it.

    I have that book! Such a great one and the art is outstanding!

    Merry Christmas, Erin. ❤


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