National Poetry Month: First Look at New Poetry from Author Steve Stred #poetry #poems #western

Welcome back again for the final installment for my National Poetry Month project. I meant to have this posted Friday but I had a computer mishap, so here we are… but it’s always a good day for poetry, right? Today I have a never before published poem by author Steve Stred, which he plans to include in his second poetry collection. I love Steve’s use of history, western, and action in his poetry. I first read Steve’s poetry when after being inspired by reading my own collection, Breathe. Breathe., he took up the pen again toward poetry and wrote his first collection (which is now out – see below). You can read about that here.

I was not only humbled but excited for Steve. He’s a terrific writer with a lot of passion for EVERYTHING he touches. He writes some wonderful stories but more than that he’s a cheerleader for so many other authors and such a sweet soul for anyone who is trying to accomplish anything at all or is going through a rough time. Steve is a wonderful person and friend. So I am very happy to offer a look at his poetry to you today.



Six Shots (To Redemption)


(Put the smoke to my lips)

(Inhale deeply feeling the burn)

Look at the gathered faces.

(Exhale forcefully)

(Grin spreads wide)

Seeing their dirt covered cheeks,

(Toss the smoke to the ground)

(Grind it with my boot heel)

Makes me glad it’s going down like this.

(I spit a thick gob to the dirt)

(I hear the Sheriff bark an order)

I wheel and crack off five shots,

(My heart pumps but my nerves are calm)

Three lawmen go down, followed by that whore who turned me in.

(Sheriff’s taken cover, he ain’t so dumb after all)

I roll and spin and shot six ends the life of a man rushing me.

(Before all hell breaks loose)

I crouch and rush to the horse.

(I’m reloading as I go)

(I spot the Sheriff moving. He’s mine)

I cock the hammer and squeeze rapidly.

(Six shots of redemption)

The Sheriff’s brain paints the sky.

The Mayor’s face implodes.

The Banker loses his life.

The Bar Owner’s throat opens like a plant in bloom.

The Preacher meets his Lord.

(I’m doing the Devil’s work, is what he always said)

And shot number six takes out that bastard coward of a partner.

(He ain’t even take his pistol out of his belt)

The crowds gone silent.  Still as night.

(I got six more bullets, I tell myself)

I take off my hat and give a wave.

I put my ex-partners bags into mine.

I mount the horse and kick its sides.

(Gonna be a nice retirement up in those hills)

A gunshot echoes through the town

(Gonnnnn beeee aaa niissshhhh)

My horse keeps riding.


(Reeettiiaahhhhmmmiiinn uuppppp nnnnn)


(Dddoooosss hhhhilllszzz)

Dead body.

My redemption is opened from behind.

Still six bullets left.

One bullet was all that was needed.


Steve Stred, Biography –

Steve StredSteve Stred is an up-and-coming Dark Horror author. Steve is the author of the novel Invisible, the novellas Wagon Buddy, Yuri and Jane: the 816 Chronicles, and two collections of short stories—Frostbitten: 12 Hymns of Misery and Left Hand Path: 13 More Tales of Black Magick. He’s also released the dark poetry collection Dim the Sun.

Steve also loves reading and reviewing and is part of the team at Kendall Reviews. Steve has a number of works on the go and enjoys all things horror, occult, supernatural, and paranormal and is based in Edmonton, AB, Canada, where he lives with his wife, his son, and their dog OJ.

Find him online at his website.



Instagram – stevestred

Dim the Sun, Poetry Collection

Dim the sunDim the Sun is a collection of 14 dark poems and one bleak horror short story.  Focusing on pain, fear, anger, depression and anxiety Steve Stred brings you deep into his mind to share some truly unnerving moments.

This is Steve Stred’s first collection of poetry he has released.

Purchase  or Add –



Thank you, Steve! And thank you readers for joining us!

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