Author Erin Al-Mehairi

First of all, my e-mail is hookofabook(at)hotmail(dot)com. If that’s all you needed, hope to hear from you there. If you’d like to know about me, then keep reading!

I’m Erin Sweet Al-Mehairi and I’m a published author, writer, author, journalist, editor, marketer, public relations professional, and photographer. I have Bachelor of Arts degrees in Journalism, English, and History from a private arts college in Ohio.  I was born in England, near Suffolk, on an Air Force Base where my mom and dad were stationed. We lived in a quaint village in Suffolk off-base before heading to the United States, where I currently live. I am both a British and American citizen, which is really cool to me.

My debut collection, BREATHE. BREATHE., is a mix of dark poetry and short stories and was published by Unnerving Magazine for their book line in October 2017. Upon its debut, it reached #2 on the Amazon paid Hot New Release Best-seller list in women’s poetry, right behind New York Times Best-seller Rupi Kaur’s second book that came out at around the same time, where it stayed for bit. It also hit the top ten Amazon best-selling in the horror short stories category. it consistently stayed in the top 100 best-selling charts in both for three months. I’m also featured in Unnerving’s anthology, HARDENED HEARTS, with my story, “The Heart of the Orchard,” which published in December of 2017. As well, one of my stories from BREATHE. BREATHE., “Dandelion Yellow,” is re-printed in the anthology called MY FAVORITE STORY. This anthology is made up of authors and podcast hosts of the Project Entertainment Network and includes work by Christopher Golden, Brian Keene, Jonathan Maberry, Mary SanGiovanni, and more. My poem about the medieval mermaid Melusine, “Chained by Love,” was featured in the February 2017 issue of Enchanted Conversation: a fairy tale magazine. In July, I had a poem anchor the anthology Dark Voices, an anthology of female dark fiction writers, published with proceeds to go to breast cancer research by Lycan Valley Press.

I’m an award-winning professional with over 20 years experience in the PR, Marketing, Advertising, Media, Writing, Journalism, Editing, and Communications fields, working in publicizing and marketing authors, people, healthcare services, tourism and travel, awareness issues, non-profit organizations, books, clothing, entertainment, events, festivals, and more over this time. I’ve written and edited numerous articles on a wide variety of subjects, for business clients, magazines, websites, as well as fiction.  I written content for marketing materials, advertising: ads, billboards, radio and TV ads,  websites, social media, and blogs.  And…..I’ve been writing my whole life, ever since winning my local newspaper’s essay contest when I was a teen.

Other notables:

*Ashland County Woman of Achievement 2009
*Ohio Young Careerist of the Year (2008) representing Ohio’s Business and Professional Women
*Mayoral Proclamation naming Oct. 08, 2008 Erin Al-Mehairi day in Ashland, Ohio
*Who’s Who Among Students at American Universities

How did my editing start? Well…

*Senior NewsEditor, The Collegian, Ashland University
*Editor, Poetry Press, Ashland University
*Editor, Mapleton High School newpaper

I currently own Addison’s Compass Public Relations and Hook of a Book Media and Publicity. I am also working on several manuscripts in various genres: children, historical, and horror/suspense.

Hook of a Book Media Services:

See me on LinkedIn:

See me on Google+:

Reviews on the Blog:

I’m a very hands-on mother of three children (18, 14, 10), all who are early and avid readers who love books as much as I do.  My son’s blog is historical and political and he’s at Seize the Moment:, where he also reviews books.

I am diverse in my interests and publicize many types of book on this site (this doesn’t include for work) and sometimes my children help in reviewing children’s literature – middle grade, YA, and even adult.

Read My Interview with Pittsburgh Examiner about My Historical Fiction Consumption:

My Writing:

As I noted, I am a writer myself.  I’ve been writing articles, press releases, news pieces, website copy, material and ad copy, and blogging for years.  I also have written a lot of poetry.  In 2011, I finally started sketching and journaling about a children’s book series I’ve been dying to write! It’s a magical adventure series and in chapter book form.

I’ve now started a horror/suspense adult fiction and it’s got some major revenge tones mixed with the paranormal. Taking place in Amherst, Mass., Emily Dickinson makes an appearance.

In poetry, I’m writing poems and compiling them around a water theme. I am searching for a publisher and hope it could make an appearance in 2018.

I’m additionally compiling research for an historical fiction based on my first family member to come to the United States in the 1600s when it became New Amsterdam….an English aristocracy,who was also Dutch for awhile, who was gifted land here that eventually became Manhattan.

I also have all these other ideas floating around my head that haunt me at night and tell my fingers to type.

Our Work at Hook of a Book Media:

We are freelance journalists and writers, as well as aspiring authors. We have a combined 40 years in the field of communications/editing/journalism/marketing/publicity and Tim assists me with Addison’s Compass Public Relations and Hook of a Book Media.

We can write articles, blog, edit, manage social media, work with media, write press releases, bios, advertise, publicize, copy edit and consult, and perform marketing duties, create marketing materials, and more.  I’d love to focus now on working with authors and am open for consultations.

Tim is a former newspaper journalist/news editor with stints as marketer/copywriter/social media manager/blogger. He has worked as a long time reporter, news and copy editor for a newspaper (and is an Associated Press award winning headline and editorial writer), an advertising/communications agency,  a nationally known appliance company, for one of the biggest law firms in Ohio in the marketing department doing content writing, communications, and blogging/social media. Most recently he worked for clients for whom he did copy writing for ads, newsletters, white papers, etc., with the marketing department at a company in Cleveland as a writer, and he worked as an Assistant Editor at the online newspaper for three years, starting a new sect of their online news in a community, creating a Facebook page as an outlet for spreading the news that rose to over 5,000 followers in less than a year.

My Photography:

I also dabble with my hobby and utilize my Breathe Beauty Art and Photography as an outlet for my creative side and love of art and fine art photography. I primarily capture nature or outdoor architectural or historical photography. I do sell photos for book covers. I used to sell my photos as prints or notecards, but I need to find a new source for printing. Most of this takes a hiatus when we are so busy with everything else or might go as the seasons change.  Check out  my Facebook page at

Books and Things I Like:

I love history, fairy tales, fantasy, Tudor England, Egyptology, Paris, Victorian, paranormal, psychological horror, mythology, ancient cultures, food and baking, writing, reading, yoga, and art. I like walks outdoors with  my camera and family, baking new things with my kids, and browsing old and new bookstores, vintage thrift stores, classical music AND rock music, art galleries and museums.

My favorite writers are Stephen King, Ted Dekker, Edgar Allan Poe, Brian Moreland, Deborah Harkness, Madeline L’Engle, C.W. Gortner, Dandi Mackall, Kate Mosse, Sue Harrison, Kathleen and Michael Gear, Eva Stachniak, Neil Gaiman, Elizabeth Kostova.  I like historical fiction, especially on ancient Egypt, Rome, Tudor-era England, or Native American; horror-paranormal, psychological; thriller/suspense; YA and children’s books.

Here I am talking about my writing on BlogTalkRadio:

If you’d like to read a Q and A with me from 2011 it’s here:


12 responses to “Author Erin Al-Mehairi

  1. Hi there! What a fab blog title! I’ve only recently found your blog BUT I greatly enjoy following, and I’ve tagged you for a Versatile Blogger Award! 🙂


    • I appreciate the award Nicky!! I do try to cover all different types of books and I suppose that is because as a person I’m so interested in so many things too. Thanks for following too!


  2. Diana

    Hi Erin
    I got my Kindle. email me. I don’t understand it.


  3. Erin, my brother-in-law, john Murphy of Newark NY, said I should say hi. Hi. My debut came out in October, The Last Winter of Dani Lancing. I also have a novella The Sad Man and a second novel, The Summer of Ghosts, coming out next year. I like your blog. All best. Phil


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