I’ve written poetry for as long as I can remember and I absolutely adore it, especially dark, horror, nature, or life poetry. I prefer narrative or non-adherence to rules poetry when writing it myself, but I enjoy reading all styles. If you don’t read poetry, you should give it a try – you might find something new you enjoy.

I do love to feature other poets and all things poetry so I have come up with a few promotions. The first features a series for National Poetry Month and the second is a ongoing, year-long series that features others.

National Poetry Month Series – April 2019

Post #1 – Marge Simon on “Illuminating Dark Poetry” + Poetry

Post #2 – Poetry from Stephanie Wytovich

Post #3 – Poetry and Discussion on H.H. Holmes by Sara Tantlinger

Post #4 – Inspiration and Poems by Brian James Lewis

Post #5 – Poetry by Linda D. Addison

Post #6 – Poem by Kim Wolkens

Post #7 – Sonora Taylor talks about final girls poetry and feminine anger

Post #8 – Poetry from Miranda Crites

Post #9 – Two New Poems from Claire C. Holland

Post #10 – Poetry from Steve Stred

My Own Appearances for NPM 2019 –

Cedar Hollow Horror Reviews: Read Two Poems by Me

Poetry for May is Mental Health Awareness Month

Post #1 – Poetry from John Edward Lawson

Year Long Poetry Series 2019

I’m going to be featuring poetry or poets each month, one or two days a month at least. I’m taking ideas and guest articles and poetry. Just e-mail me to hookofabook@hotmail.com if interested!

National Poetry Month Series – April 2018

April is National Poetry Month! I did a small series featuring some fabulous poets, poetry, and all about the craft.

Post #1 – Three Poems by Award-winning Poet Christina Sng

Post #2 – Five Ways Poetry Can Help Your Prose by Sara Tantlinger

Post #3 – Three Poems by Award-winning Poet Linda D. Addison

Post #4 – A Poem by Award-winning Author/Screenwriter Dustin La Valley

Post #5 – A Poem by Writer and Journalist Nada Adel Sobhi

My Own Poetry – 

Breathe Breathe

Breathe. Breathe.
Collection of Dark Poetry and Short Stories
Published by Unnerving 2017

Dark Voices cover

Dark Voices
Collection of stories and two pieces of poetry, one by me – “Wrapped in Battle”
This is all-female with proceeds to breast cancer research
Published by Lycan Valley 2018

Haunted Are These Houses

Haunted Are These Houses
Co-Editor with Eddie Generous, Poetry Curator
Unnerving 2018

You can also read my poetry in/on Enchanted Conversation: A Fairy-tale Magazine, Siren’s Call e-zine, Spillwords Press, Spreading the Writer’s Word.


My poem “Poison Apples” was in this Women in Horror 10th Anniversary Edition

More to come.