Erin Al-Mehairi has over 20 years experience in creative writing, copy writing, communications, journalism, publicity, editing (editorial, copy, content, and line), marketing, social media, public relations, and media relations.

Services Offered at Hook of a Book (though we are all for trying anything new too):

Manuscript Development
Editing (line, developmental, copy)
Writing Coach – With Erin
Publicity/Book Promotion: Marketing or Publicist Duties, Media and Blogger relations, Bookstore/Library Outreach
Media Kits and Packets, including press releases
Social Media
Book signings
Book Covers*
Graphics and Copy for Ads, Social Media, Tours, Bookmarks, Postcards*
Self-Publishing Set-Up*
E-book Conversion*
Print Set-up*
Consulting with us: by 1/2 hour or hourly increments
Consulting with a best selling author*

*Some of these starred above services are contracted out to people we know and trust.

Erin’s Bio~

Erin has so many interests, abilities, and levels of experience that she is avoiding writing this biography and keeps adding to everyone else’s. Probably she should just go to her corner and practice her Yoda origami while simultaneously still running her mouth cracking jokes that keep people laughing.

But if we must be serious, Erin is a lover of words. She likes to write and read and offer advice to others who want to write and read. She likes to see others succeed at their dreams as much as she dreams of her own. With Bachelor of Arts degrees in the several majors of Journalism, English, and History, she’s studied great literature and the meaning behind great writing and writing styles, while within the next hour learning editing and media law. How she did it she doesn’t know, but she also studied history and has a fondness for all time periods.

She loves being a journalist, a writer, and an editor most, but has a knack, as well as over a two decades of experience, for publicity and marketing as her passion is a driving force behind many projects. Erin has spent the last 20 years in the journalism, editing, public relations, advertising, and marketing fields. Before working in publishing the last seven years, she sold Kane Miller and Usborne Books, for which she also ran fund-raisers and donated children’s books to schools, churches, and national and international non-profits. She is a community activist and an award-winning businesswoman.

Connect with her on LinkedIn HERE.

Sometimes, her partner in life and crime, Tim Busbey, assists Erin after his day job is done with media kits, graphics, or editing work for authors and publishers.

Tim’s Bio~

Tim is an award-winning newspaper writer and editor with a never-ending love of using and teaching AP style to unsuspecting young peeps who have yet to master the allure of details, however his fondness seeps over into proper use of the Chicago Manual of Style as well, so whichever one Erin is forgetting at the moment she only needs to look his way. He can most often be found posting grammar rules to social media and laughing hysterically to himself as his Darth Vader gum ball machine looks on in glee. He’s also a creative fiction author, but uses his left brain and right brain in unison many mornings to copy write and edit ads and marketing materials for an assortment of companies. On other mornings, he is helping to manage the minds of young journalists in the newsroom, while trying not to show how excited he is over breaking news. He received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism with a minor in economics from Bowling Green State University.

Connect with him on LinkedIn HERE.

E-mail us at to discuss your needs and budget.

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  1. Do you work with writers of erotica/erotic horror? (Translation: when is the sex unacceptably raunchy for you?)


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