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Looking for a Freelance Audiobook Narrator to Hit a New Market? I have a suggestion….

Are you looking for a narrator to turn your book into an audio book?

Thinking about reaching another market with your book by tapping into those who listen to audio books?

Every once in awhile we like to showcase some other people offering services that authors might use that we don’t do. Today, meet Joe Hempel, freelance audiobook narrator and lover of books.

An avid reader of the written word, he’s been formerly known for his numerous book reviews; however, his everyday production experience in his regular job spurred him into recording audio books. And he’s quickly rising up as someone with a great tone and a knack for characters.


Here are some samples that you can listen to for some of his latest books, as well as praise from people reading books from the Audible site which tout his ability. He’s not been at this long, but he’s already well-liked. These samples are in the horror/thriller genres, but he is willing to do all genres.

If you’re looking for someone to voice your work, Joe might be an option for quality work with a friendly attitude and at very reasonable prices. Get in with Joe while you can, as his prices are way below the going rate!

You can contact Joe via the email jhempel32@gmail.com. If that doesn’t float your boat, I’m happy to facilitate services with Joe for you as well. Just drop me a line.

Also if you’re a reader, if you’d like to review the below titles on Audible, you can get one from Joe in exchange for an honest review! Just let him know at the above email.


Prologue from the book Hybrid by Lawrence W. Gold, MD

Chapter 7 from Under the Amoral Bridge by Gary Ballard

Coming soon, check back!

An excerpt from a short story in SLUSH collection by Glenn Rolfe

Praise for Joe as Narrator for Under the Amoral Bridge:

I.A. Clark:  “A racy, well-written tale that’s doesn’t lean too heavily on the frontal lobes – a kind of Bugs Bunny meets The Matrix. Confidently read by Joe Hempel, who brings the characters to life whilst reeling-off 2028 cyberpunk-talk as if he’s spoken it from childhood.”

Sines:  “The narration makes the story come alive. I could just close my eyes and see the seedy bars, the dark alleys, the guys who just wanna beat something to a pulp.”

Teresa:  “Joe Hempel did an awesome job narrating this story. He has great characterization skills and with multiple accents I could always tell who was speaking. He has super voice control with a nice tone. He also kept the story moving at a perfect pace with good, clean voice inflections. He made this audiobook an excellent listen.”

Praise for Joe as Narrator for Hybrid:

Carol P. Roman:  “Joe Hempel takes two dry subjects, history and science and reads with confidence and the ability to create visuals of each character.”

I.A. Clark:  “Joe has an attractive voice and delivered his lines clearly. I could listen to him all day (…and did).”

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