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One of the most gripping young adult thriller series in 2009

It’s not too late to take the ride on this super thriller about an australian teenager named Cal, who on New Year’s Eve is told he has 365 days only to try and survive. Thinking his father died of a mysterious illness, he is warned by a stranger that his father may have been murdered and now he is next.  This sends him running like a fugitive and begins a fast-paced, page-turning first book entitled Conspiracy 365: January.  It is a short read for adults, but more on the level of 10 to 18 year olds (depending on reading level, my 5th grade son read it quick but he has an adult reading level).  This said, it is still much fun for everyone!  There are 12 books in the series, starting with January and each one is named for each subsequent month.  Cal is on the run in each book, with each ending in a cliffhanger!  You can also check out Cal’s blog called www.teenfugitive.com to get even more involved in the story!

The author of the Conspiracy 365 Series is the award-winning Australian writer Gabrielle Lord (www.gabriellelord.com), who prior to this young adult series wrote adult crime thrillers (14 in fact!).  Now that all 12 books in the series are complete, she has plans for several more adult and young adult books.

Kane//Miller is the publisher (owned now by Educational Development Corporation) and specializes in bringing foreign titles to the United States. They have a dedicated website for Conspiracy 365 at www.conspiracy365US.com which has more information about the book, author, social networking links, and activities to accompany each book. I definately recommend that you check it out!

If you are interested in ordering the first book of the series, or the entire series (which can be purchased in one lump sum), they are nice hardback books at $10.99 each or there is a series price.  This series is only available from Usborne Books and More independent consultants (it previously was to be sold to bookstores and through Scholastic also).

My son thought these books were exciting to read each month (he’s 10) and he liked to read the book all in one sitting.  He didn’t like to wait for the next one! I would recommend these for children who are avid readers and like a quick thrilling title, but also reluctant readers who need a book that really motivates them to keep reading.

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