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Wonderfully Wicked Read-a-Thon This Weekend, You Could Read to Win!

This weekend is the Wonderfully Wicked Read-a-Thon put on by several other blogging book lovers. What you read doesn’t have to be Halloween oriented, just any genre is fine. Just read, read, read! You can participate in challenges which you’ll find on the main site (you can click on the other blogs during the times allotted to get challenges), updating as you go and using your social networking skills to talk it up. You can win prizes for doing so! There is still a day to sign-up (as of Friday at 3:00 p.m.) and you can do that here: http://www.myshelfconfessions.com/read-a-thon/ or http://rebgeo.net/posts/wonderfully-wicked-read-a-thon-intro-information/and see more information. You can see challenges NOW at the latter link of Kindle Fire’s blog.

Hashtag on Twitter is #WWReadathon, so use it frequently!! Spread the love of reading and books.

I’m going to do this one with the kids so we’ll be reading lots of picture books, YA books, and I’ll try to log what all we read together. I love making reading a family project. It’s rainy and awfully cold and windy in Ohio, so what a great time to snuggle up with books and hot tea with honey.

Have fun and don’t forget to sign-up to win here:  http://www.myshelfconfessions.com/read-a-thon/ or http://rebgeo.net/posts/wonderfully-wicked-read-a-thon-intro-information/.  Thank you to all the hosts who organized the read-a-thon and are supporting the challenges.


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I Lost my Mobile at the Mall!! A New Book for Tweens and Teens

I Lost My Mobile at the Mall, by Wendy Harmer is a new book that is certainly fitting for tweens and teens in this digital age! I suppose we all could even learn a lesson from reading this book. Sometimes, de-plugging, or forcing to have to do so, can really make us see how much stress our devices put us through right? We feel we can’t live without them!?!

I haven’t read this book yet, but I am sharing with you as it is a brand new book from Kane/Miller publishers and available through my online bookstore at www.ubah.com/z2837 (just got to the bottom under new titles or type the book title in the search).  Educational Development Corporation, the owner of Kane/Miller publishers, offers a summary of the book: “Elly Pickering is dreading telling her parents that’s she’s lost her mobile phone – again – what with the Global Financial crisis and everything. But losing her mobile is just the beginning. A series of technological happenings and manipulations leads Elly to question her priorities, her friendships, and Will, her fabulous – she thought – boyfriend. Is she facing certain social death? Or can a technological breakdown sometimes be kind of a good thing?”

You can also view an exerpt of the book here:  ILostMyMobileattheMall

If you order this book for someone in your family, and they read it, please send me a review!  Leave your cell phone at the Mall, pick up this book, and happy quiet reading!! 🙂

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