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Tick to the Tock is Inspiring, Poignant, Modern, and Emotional Fiction

Tick-to-the-Tock-CoverA month ago, I had the delightful honor of assisting British author Matthew Turner with the process of his novel, Tick to the Tock! I assisted him by editing it and as I read, fell in love with the whole theme of the book. Matthew is an amazing writer and an even better “brand” king in the realm of inspiring reading for the modern adult. I had previously enjoyed his first novel, Beyond Parallel, in which he examined “what ifs” and now in Tick to the Tock, I enjoyed how he once again makes the reader THINK about the choices they make or could make to live life to the fullest.

You can enjoy some great  promotions he has going on surrounding the book release, which is TODAY, January 8, 2014, by clicking on the link below. You can win free copies, but it’s also just .99 cents in e-book through midnight January 10, 2014.

Why not read this book? I promise it will inspire you to rethink how you’ll live in 2014 and get your started off on better ground. It will teach you not to sweat the small stuff, but go after your bucket list dreams.

See promotions and purchase book here:  http://turndogmillionaire.com/tick-to-the-tock/

Here is my feedback I gave to Matthew upon my editing complete, which I’ve added further thoughts to so you can have a clear review. I know you’ll love this book if you like modern stories, inspiring stories, and amazing way that British writers give us such character driven emotional reads that we all can connect to.

My Thoughts~


Tick to the Tock was amazing. The description, detail and character development was superb. I thought it was one I wouldn’t want to read…and I knew why. I had a feeling the protagonist was terminally ill.  When I read it I knew then.  The cancer. What I didn’t expect was to be sucked into his emotions, his thoughts, his desire to live each moment to the best of his ability. Or the emotions of the supporting characters.

You had me in tears this whole damn book!! At the end I was sobbing.  I mean it was just that darn emotional and touched me. I had just put on that huge charity event for Cancer and so it really knocked me even harder after seeing people who are going through it and then reading this. You must have first hand knowledge of it, it was that close to the vest and authentic. So I edited the novel for you, yes, but you got me to read it when I wouldn’t have otherwise and I am thankful for that. I’ve tried to live my life in the moment, but we all get caught up in the little things don’t we? And your book, it spoke to me.

I know you don’t want to be described as a British author, because they can be for anyone. But British authors DO have a voice and a way of dealing with emotions on the page as American writers most often won’t. They are afraid of emotions. And some of you Brits (Yorks in your case) have such highly character driven works, when Americans sometimes prefer action and “get to the point,” but I love your work because it makes you slow down and think!! We all need more of that, globally and locally. A heart isn’t one to not wear on your sleeve because in the end, moments and feelings are all that really matter.

More Thoughts~

I found out after I wrote Matthew my feedback and handed in my editing changes that he actually doesn’t have first-hard knowledge of anyone being terminally ill. I found it surprising he could write with such depth of feeling from both the main character and from the supporting caregivers. He not only researched, but he was a channel to the innermost feelings of those struggling with illness. That is the sign of a great writer, when they can write about anything and make it feel authentic and beautiful. Tick to the Tock truly made me realize that life is too short to worry about all the little concerns that don’t matter in the large workings of our lives. For many personal reasons, this book connected to me and touched my heart and I will forever treasure it.

Tick to the Tock, Synopsis~

Tick-to-the-Tock-CoverWhat would you do if you had 3 months to live? That’s what Dante King faces, the indecisive 22 year-old who must finally learn to embrace life and love.

TICK to the TOCK is a Contemporary New Adult Novel about Dante coming-of-age during turbulent times. A story inspired by love, but with the gritty realities of regret, missed opportunity, and understanding life’s meaning under dire circumstance. But a single mind isn’t affected on this journey, as an eclectic group comes to terms with the past, present, and what lies ahead.

Dante must confront and accept his fate, but can he let go of Danii: his lost love and kindred dreamer? With his rationally stubborn cousin, and eccentric best friend, Dante witnesses a life of dream and wonder: embarking across Europe, tackling Tibet, travelling Australia, and defeating each lifelong wish one-by-one.

Follow this coming-of-age roller coaster as four lives change forever. We’re only given one, but it’s never too late to understand faith, discover acceptance, and uncover the true meaning of love and happiness. Dante will die, but not before Danii, Ethan, Wilbur and he undertake an intense and heartfelt journey.

Smile… Cry… Ask yourself what you would do with three months left… Because Love & Living Begins Now

Genres: New Adult, Coming of Age, Contemporary Romance, Literary Fiction
Word Count: 80,000
Pages: 200
Launch date: January 08 2014
Publisher: Turndog Publishing

Matthew Turner, Biography~

author-headshot-mediumHi, my name is Matthew Turner, and I’m an English Writer who loves to Read, Wander & Drink Fine Coffee. TICK to the TOCK is my second novel: a Coming-of-Age New Adult Tale that follows Dante King during the final months of his life.

This may seem rather dreary, but as a serial wanderer of life’s mysterious questions, I like to consider what makes me, me. For instance, my first novel (Beyond Parallel) focussed on the notion of what if. TICK to the TOCK doesn’t obsess over the what, rather the Who and Why.

When I’m not writing Fiction, I tackle the world of Storytelling through Non-Fiction, Videos & Creative Projects. I Blog about this on TurndogMillionaire.com, and share my journey on Facebook. I hope you will come say hello, so a conversation can be had. I do enjoy conversing.

CONTACT: matt@turndogmillionaire.comFacebook

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