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All Kinds of October Update on Life, Writing, and What I’m Reading! #October #Halloween #AmWriting #AmReading

Happy October 1! Today, I’ve got a quick forward update!

Snoopy witch

October Life Update and Editing

This is one, if not THE, favorite month of the year for me. I love pumpkins, spooky stories, colorful trees, apple picking, and cool evenings. As many of you know, it’s also TWO of my three children’s birthdays (will be 20 and 16 this year – WHAT? I know!). It seemed like I was just writing posts about us picking apples when they were small and making lists for readers for Autumn-themed children’s books.

My daughters both ran cross country this year, are still I should say, and that will come to a close in mid-to-late of this month. My middle daughter’s selective “a cappella” choir will have their first concert and host it as a fund-rasier for the music program. As well, my oldest is now in Washington D.C. at George Washington University as a college sophomore, so it looks like we will be adding a trip in there at the end of the month to visit him. I just can’t let his birthday month go by without seeing him. I am excited to hug him, but also, to see the fall foliage through Virginia and Maryland on the way there and back. At the very end of the month, my youngest is still looking forward to Trick-or-Treating and dressing up with friends. I am looking forward to eating plenty of candy. haha!

It’s a busy month, but I’m scheduling NOW for editing work in November and December because… well, I have active kids that cost money and I because of my illnesses and circumstances, I have to work from home for myself.

My Writing

October is also fond to me as it’s the anniversary of my debut dark poetry and short story collection Breathe. Breathe.! It’s the two year anniversary – can you believe it? I’ve had a lot more poetry and short stories published elsewhere as well. One of those short stories I’m excited about is the anthology 7 Deadly Sins of the Apocalypse, with an official launch date of October 4, 2019; however, it went live early and hit Amazon #1 Best-Selling List in Horror Anthologies. I’ll have more to share on that but it’s on sale now for .99 cents. I’ll also be sharing things about my other pieces as well as hopefully provide you with an original poem like I did last year (those were about mummies)! You’ll probably also find some guest articles by me appearing on other sites and me in an interview or two.

I’ll have a short story, “Mia,” in the upcoming print magazine Outpost 28 by Dean Kuhta. I will have a story in this with my friend, the amazing Christa Carmen, so I’m super excited about that. Also, it’s getting an illustration from a artist I really like, so stay tuned for more on that. I absolutely think it’s one of the best stories I’ve written and I am thankful to Duncan Ralston for his assistance with edits.

Update: I just found out I’ll have two poems in the Halloween issue of The Siren’s Call e-zine as well. A new one called “The Halloween Feast” and one of the Mummy poems I shared with you last year here called “Dancing with Mummies.”

Reviews, Interviews, and Features Here or Other Sites

I have a packed schedule with publicity and editing work, writing, and kids, but I’ve also made promises and packed my schedule with reading of horror, historical, and fantasy books for review as well as a few interviews. Look for an uptick of reviews on this site , starting with an historical fantasy Priestess of Ishana by Judith Starkston (and a guest article by her) and Ribbons of Scarlet short story collection about women of the French Revolution by a myriad of authors I admire. I’m going to attempt to get caught up on a few back reviews for several genres but I’m also pushing dark fiction, dark fantasy, and horror (and the like) to the front since it’s that time of year! I’ll be reviewing a few new  titles in that genre as well such as the short story collection Little Paranoias by Sonora Taylor. I’ll also have a review up this month on the film review site Machine Mean talking about the movie “The Endless,” which left me mind blown.

My October Reading

I’m doing the #31spookystories challenge on Instagram (and cross-posting to Twitter), because I love to read short stories. You can read 31 short stories or 13. I’m trying to do one per day. Follow me on Instagram stories and Twitter to catch my reads (and follow the hashtag as a whole to get some good short story recommendations) and/or join in. I’ll try to do weekly re-caps of the stories here.

And I’m going to read Agatha Christie’s Hallowe’en Party because it just sounds so good. I recently found a beat up copy of it at a thrift store and I can’t wait to dive in. If you want to read with me, let me know!

Christie, Agatha - Hallowe'en Party

I’ve got lots of things going on, building and coming down the pipe line so stay tuned. I am trying to organize myself enough to keep this spot updated!

I’d love to hear from you. What are your October plans? Do you like spooky, scary, or supernatural books > What will you be reading? Scary movies or shows? > What will you be watching?

Happy Harvest! Happy Halloween!



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