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I Lost my Mobile at the Mall!! A New Book for Tweens and Teens

I Lost My Mobile at the Mall, by Wendy Harmer is a new book that is certainly fitting for tweens and teens in this digital age! I suppose we all could even learn a lesson from reading this book. Sometimes, de-plugging, or forcing to have to do so, can really make us see how much stress our devices put us through right? We feel we can’t live without them!?!

I haven’t read this book yet, but I am sharing with you as it is a brand new book from Kane/Miller publishers and available through my online bookstore at www.ubah.com/z2837 (just got to the bottom under new titles or type the book title in the search).  Educational Development Corporation, the owner of Kane/Miller publishers, offers a summary of the book: “Elly Pickering is dreading telling her parents that’s she’s lost her mobile phone – again – what with the Global Financial crisis and everything. But losing her mobile is just the beginning. A series of technological happenings and manipulations leads Elly to question her priorities, her friendships, and Will, her fabulous – she thought – boyfriend. Is she facing certain social death? Or can a technological breakdown sometimes be kind of a good thing?”

You can also view an exerpt of the book here:  ILostMyMobileattheMall

If you order this book for someone in your family, and they read it, please send me a review!  Leave your cell phone at the Mall, pick up this book, and happy quiet reading!! 🙂

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