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Sign-up for Spring into Horror Read-a-Thon (#SpringHorrorRAT) and I’m Hosting Giveaways!!

OOOOOOOO….it’s almost here!! The Spring into Horror Read-a-Thon hosted by my book blogger friend Michelle, otherwise known as “True Book Addict,” at her blog Castle Macabre! It’s starts midnight of April 23 (CST) and runs until 4/29, 11:59 p.m.

My blog (YEP, right here) will be a site to stop by during the week for fun and giveaways while you participate in the read-a-thon. It’s a very LOW STRESS read-a-thon, but make time for reading and lots of fun. You have to read at least one scary book, but you have a week to do it and it can be paranormal, mystery, etc. Read more if you can, we all like to push ourselves to read a little more by having a challenge. 😉 And there will be lots of social time to talk to others about books, so use the Twitter hashtag of SpringHorrorRAT to talk to everyone else. You don’t even have to like horror….it can be scary, paranormal, vampire, fantasy….we love it all! I’ll be using it, introduce yourself!!

For my activities and giveaways, you must at least be a signed-up participant at Castle Macabre (go to the link to her blog and sign-up). The link will be below in the info here or you can get to it by clicking on the right side graphic of my blog home page. Otherwise, just follow what I say in the posts each day there is an activity or giveaway. There might be a short thing to do and then you can sign-up to win wonderful books, both paperback and e-book!!

My author friends will be giving away signed novels!! Watch for  Denise Rago (vampire novel, Immortal Obsession), Brian Moreland (horror supernatural suspense novel, Dead of Winter), Jonathan Janz (horror suspense novel, The Sorrows), Keith Rommel (horror novel, The Cursed Man) and more!! (THANK YOU!) I’ll post info on them and links to my past reviews soon so you can see what great books you can win!

I hope you can participate and I wish you luck. Make some hot tea, grab some chocolate, climb in bed, and lock your door….then get out your scary book each night (and your laptop, KindleFire, Ipad or smartphone so you can network with us…lol). Try not to bite your nails too much. 😉 I don’t want to be responsible for any trips to the ER.

Any questions, just leave them for me in the comments below!!



~From Castle Macabre Blog……

Quick link to sign-up: http://castlemacabre.blogspot.com/2012/03/announcing-spring-into-horror-read.html or read on…

From Michelle:  “It’s coming…to shake up your peaceful spring. The Spring into Horror Read-a-Thon starts 4/23 at 12 a.m. CST to 4/29 at 11:59 p.m. CST (adjust times accordingly). Don’t let the word ‘horror’ scare you away from this read-a-thon. You do have to read at least one scary book during the duration of the read-a-thon. That book can be horror, paranormal, thriller, mystery, etc. Then, read whatever you want. More horror/scary stuff or just your regular reading repertoire. As always, this is a week long read-a-thon, but you can join in and read whenever it’s convenient for you. It’s all about being laid back and getting some reading done with a little bit of scary thrown in.

I want to do this read-a-thon a bit differently this time with more focus on the reading and less on mini-challenges. Many people who joined my previous read-a-thons have expressed a desire to focus more on the reading and I’m of a like mind.

You do not have to have a blog. You can sign up using your Goodreads, Twitter, or Facebook accounts. We will be tweeting during the read-a-thon at #SpringHorrorRAT. There will be a starting line post for you to sign-in when you start reading for the read-a-thon, whether you start at the beginning, the middle, or towards the end. For all the info and to sign up, visit the blog post here: http://castlemacabre.blogspot.com/2012/03/announcing-spring-into-horror-read.html.”

Hope to see you there, and HERE!! 🙂


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