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WOMEN IN HORROR – #HookonWiHM Series 2021

Women in Stay tuned for interviews, reviews, and guest articles from women in horror in February in celebration of the 12th Annual Women in Horror Month as well as people of color for black history and appreciation month. If you’d like to be considered for inclusion, please let me know!

Post #1 – Andrew Fowlow, The Book Dad, on indie horror fundraiser for women in horror scholarship!

Post #2 – Irish Author Tracy Fahey Talks Body Horror

Note: I had to halt blog activity and the promotions here as things came up.



#HookonWiHM #WiHM

February is Women in Horror Month, so I’ll be featuring some ladies of the genre. This page is always up year round but updated so you can see last year’s guests and find out information on what’s up for this year. I’m taking ideas and guest articles, interviews, features for the month, and beyond if that strikes you to do so!

How you can participate:

WOMEN IN HORROR – #HookonWiHM Series 2020

This year was busy for me so I selected to interview and asked Michelle Lane if she’d like to be featured and I asked Pamela K. Morris for a post on witch bottles after I saw her post about them on social media. Then, I put out a call for anyone to do a guest article or for anyone to interview a woman in horror and submit for posting to my site. Janine and Pamela Morris asked if I would interview them so I made time to offer them both original interviews, which turned out to be awesome. Tracy Fahey was looking for places to talk about her subject, and after I mentioned she could submit to my site, she sent in a wonderful post.

I planned to read and review a few books by women in horror, and though I read most of what I planned, the reviews will be coming soon in March. I plan to celebrate women in horror all year anyway. I’ve always supported women writers, including those in horror, on my site here and elsewhere.

Feb. 20 – Interview with Michelle Renee Lane, Bram Stoker Finalist

Feb 21 – Pamela K. Kinney Writes About Witch Bottles

Feb. 26 – Interview with Horror Writer Janine Pipe

Feb. 27 – Tracy Fahey, British Fantasy Award Nominee, Talks Doubles

Feb. 28 –Interview on History and Horror with Pamela Morris

Thanks to those who participated!

As for myself, I didn’t have any writing pieces out there for February as I did last year but I did have an interview on Janine Pipe’s Ghost Stories blog and Gwendolyn Kiste was so kind as to interview me as part of her Women in Horror round table.



WOMEN IN HORROR – #HookonWiHM Series 2019 

This year, you (man or woman) can do 1) interview a woman in horror 2) send in an article about a woman in horror 3) request a mini-interview by me 4) write a drabble or short fiction. Thanks to those who participated!

I also had a few pieces of my work places as well, which was fun. Not linked here is the 10 anniversary of WIHM project magazine of Siren’s Call, where I had a poem.

Feb 27 – Interview with Author and Editor Sarah Read

Feb 26 – Interview with Screenwriter, Producter, Actress Comika Hartford

Feb 25 – Part Two Interview Stoker Finalist and Poet with Sara Tantlinger

Feb 23 – My poem “A Crow’s Longing” published at Spreading the Writer’s Word.

Feb 22 – Interview with Author Sonora Taylor

Feb 19 – Original Flash Fiction by award-winning Poet Marge Simon

Feb 18 – Head over to The Horror Tree for first my interview with Sara Tantlinger

Feb 15 – Head over to The Horror Tree for my first interview with Sonora Taylor

Feb 14 – My story “Sinking Hearts” published at The Horror Tree for TWF

Feb 12 – Review of Without Condition by Sonora Taylor


WOMEN IN HORROR – #HookonWiHM Series 2018

1 – Calvin Demmer Interviews Gwendolyn Kiste 

2 – Theresa Braun Interviews J.H. Moncrieff

3 – Curtis Freeman Interviews Horror blogger Charlene Cocrane

4 – Sara Tantlinger Interviews Horror Author/Filmmaker Kourtnea Hogan

5 – Women in Horror Poetry Reading with Donna Lynch, Stephanie Wytovich, and me 

6 – David Duggins Interviews Horror Author Angeline Hawkes

7 – Monster Artist

8 – Curtis Freeman Interviews Horror and Sci-Fi blogger Lilyn George

9 – Author D.R. Bartlette Interviews Horror Author Emma Ennis

10 – Curtis Freeman Interviews Book Reviewer Mother Horror


WOMEN IN HORROR – 30 Women in Horror Project, co-hosted with David at The Scary Reviews, 2016

Graphics and interviews conducted by me; Thanks to David for formatting and hosting! Click here to go to David’s site to see features of almost 30 women in horror!