Women in Horror



February is Women in Horror Month, so I’ll be featuring some ladies of the genre and leaving the page up year round, as they should be celebrated and read all year round! I’m taking ideas and guest articles, interviews, features for the month, and beyond if that strikes you to do so!

How you can participate:

Option 1: Everyone, male and female: choose a date in February as your deadline, interview a lady in horror by asking at least three questions, then send in her bio, photo, and info on her work, as well as all that for yourself, then e-mail it all to me at hookofabook@hotmail.com.

Option 2: If that doesn’t strike your fancy, you can also turn in a guest article about a lady in horror, either working today or a classic author long taken from us. Just e-mail it to me with your own information to go along with it.

Option 3: If you’re a woman in horror, you can run a guest article on my site or ask for an interview.

Remember, women in horror not only includes authors, but those working in film, art, blogging, podcasting, promoting, editing, and more.

Please be sure to sign up and suggest dates for me. One, for you to keep yourself on deadline, and two, so I can stay better organized.

I’ve much on my to-do list, so I won’t hold your hand or send out reminders, but I do want to make this showcase shine! Let’s do this!

WOMEN IN HORROR – #HookonWiHM Series 2019

Taking submissions now

WOMEN IN HORROR – #HookonWiHM Series 2018

1 – Calvin Demmer Interviews Gwendolyn Kiste 

2 – Theresa Braun Interviews J.H. Moncrieff

3 – Curtis Freeman Interviews Horror blogger Charlene Cocrane

4 – Sara Tantlinger Interviews Horror Author/Filmmaker Kourtnea Hogan

5 – Women in Horror Poetry Reading with Donna Lynch, Stephanie Wytovich, and me  / Hosted by Raw Dog Screaming Press

6 – David Duggins Interviews Horror Author Angeline Hawkes

7 – Monster Artist Kendra Sartorelli

8 – Curtis Freeman Interviews Horror and Sci-Fi blogger Lilyn George

9 – Author D.R. Bartlette Interviews Horror Author Emma Ennis

10 – Curtis Freeman Interviews Book Reviewer Mother Horror

Women in Horror Project, co-hosted with David at The Scary Reviews, 2016

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