Celebrating Women Series 2014

celebratingwomenbuttonOf course, it’s appropriate to always celebrate all the amazing women in history, or who are making history, no matter what the time period. However, with March being Women’s History Month, it gives us an opportunity to be committed to telling their stories and bringing their lives to the page, the Internet, our blogs, and our articles. More important, it reminds us what amazing courage, strength, innovations, and feats women have performed and how very important they are to our universe!

For Women’s History Month 2014, Hook of a Book has compiled articles by several authors in the historical fiction, fantasy, thriller, and inspirational categories. I look forward to posting via the schedule below, March 19-31, with at least one post a day. You’ll find those each day over on the main blog page at Oh, for the Hook of a Book, but also as each is posted the link will be put below under the name/topic as well.

If you are so inclined, take the blog button below and put it on your own blog or website side bar and link to this page until the end of the month. That way, as each reader clicks, they can see the latest post and also the previous ones as well.  Be sure to leave comment too, if you will, for the authors and support these fabulous women, and men, in their own writing. Look forward to you helping me to make this a success! And if you’d like to join for 2015, or have other comments, let me know at any time at hookofabook(at)hotmail(dot)com.

And thank you to all the authors/writers who contributed to the project!



March 19~

Stephanie Thornton, Hatshepsut


March 20~

Kim Rendfeld, Bertrada, Charlemagne’s mother


March 21~

Post 1) Julie Rose, Norwegian Suffragettes



Post 2) JoAnn Shade, Hildegard of Bingen


March 22~

Annie Thomas, Remembering the Women of the Early 1900s Who Aren’t Famous


March 23~

Nassem Al-Mehairi, Margaret Hardenbroeck-Philipse: The She-Merchant of New York


March 24~

Eva Stachniak, Catherine the Great as a Grandmother


March 25~

Post 1) Stephanie Dray, Cleopatra: Did She Consider Herself Egyptian?



Post 2) David Berger, Wonder Woman: 75 Years of Showing Women Strength!


March 26~

Post 1) Elizabeth Ashworth, Alice de Lacy – the Maligned Countess



Post 2) JoAnn Shade, Women’s History Month and Its Meaning For Today


March 27~

Post 1) Judith Starkson, Trojan Women: Women’s Roles in Ancient Anatolia and Mycenaean Greece


Post 2) Erin Al-Mehairi, Emily Dickinson


March 28~

Rosemary Tran Lauer, Ahead of Her Time and Against Social Norms, Tüöng Phố Set a Bold Example as a Strong Single Mother


March 29~

Nike Campbell-Fatoki, Funlayo Alabi of Shea Radiance: Empowering African Women


March 30~

Heather Webb, Camille Claudel: French Sculptor


March 31~

Post 1) Tim Busbey, The Ghostly History of Ceely Rose


Post 2) Open Road Media, Women Mystery Writers in History


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