My 7 Yr Old Reviews KeeKee’s Big Adventure to Athens Greece and Interviews Author! Great gift for kids!

Addie, my daughter who is 7, and I, had the pleasure of enjoying a copy of KeeKee’s Big Adventures in Athens, Greece together. This is a wonderful book by Shannon Jones that captures the minds of children, teaching them about the world through the eyes of a cute and friendly cat. Addie is going to review first, then I’ll add my thoughts, but what a great gift for a child! And be sure to follow-down for a really COOL giveaway!!


Addie, Review~

I thought this book was really cute. The cat was very friendly. The owl was also cute. I like how they rode in a hot air balloon. I also liked how it taught me a lot about another place and culture in a way I could understand. It was fun to learn about Greece! I love the nice pictures too.Parts of it made me laugh, like when KeeKee was as stuffed as an olive! I love food, so I am interested in trying Greek food now that I saw KeeKee and her friends eat some of it.

I would recommend this to other kids my age because it teaches a lot and is really cute at the same time. I told my mom I want to read more books in this series, such as I’d like to see KeeKee go to France. But mom said she thinks that the author already did one on Paris, so I will check that out. I do want to read about more countries through KeeKee. I want to know which place she’ll visit next. I love this cat. I think I’d love to travel with her.


Mom (Erin)’s Review~

Addie had a smile on her face as she was reading this book! She really enjoyed reading it. She liked that is was simple, but also that she learned new words from another culture. The illustrations were eye grabbing and fit the text nicely. I, too, like that the hot air balloon was used, I love them! I think these books are wonderful to help teach kids geography and other cultures, traditions, and languages. They’d be great for elementary teachers to use as they would be entertaining to read in class, but also educational. I didn’t know this was the third book already, and I’m sorry to have missed the other two. It was a nice experience for Addie and I to read this together.

In addition, I really liked how there is a pronunciation guide in the back for the foreign language words. What a great way to teach other languages too! I also liked the glossary of places for further parent or educator teaching beyond reading the story. It’s great that there is additional content on the website as well for parents, students, and educators.

Like Addie, I too am looking forward to more book in the series and where KeeKee goes next. That cat is super friendly and engaging, making learning fun for children. The writing is hilarious. Antio, KeeKee, but not for long!

Check out our INTERVEW with Shannon~

Hi, welcome to Oh, for the Hook of a Book! Sometimes, Addie, my 7 year old, enjoys reviewing the books and conducting interviews with me. This is a great way for her to learn! Addie adores your new book and is ready ask you a few questions. She’d like me to share our favorite cookies with you while you answer, so let us know your favorite kind and she’ll bake some up for you. I’ll put on the tea myself.

Shannon: Chocolate chip! Thank you!

Mom: You’re welcome. She’s quite the baker and hostess. Now, let’s get her started with some questions!

Addie: How did you think of writing this book?

Shannon: I was fortunate to start traveling when I was your age…it opened my eyes and ears to the world. As an adult, living in Amsterdam, Netherlands with my calico kitty, KeeKee, the idea for KeeKee’s Big Adventures was born. My friends’ children back home in the U.S. wanted to know where we were and what KeeKee was doing. Then one day standing on the Acropolis in Greece, we saw cats run out of the Parthenon. It was then we knew we wanted to share more about places and cultures of the world with children through KeeKee.

Addie: What do you think it would be like to ride in a real hot air balloon? If you could, where would you go first yourself?  (I’d go to Paris)

Shannon: It’s SO much fun! You must try it! To me it felt like I was flying…so quiet up above the world looking out at everything. I’d take my hot air balloon on a safari in Africa!

Addie: I want to! My mom has been up in one twice, as she used to be the PR Director for a balloon festival. I can’t wait to go myself. So, If you could go to Greece yourself, where would you go based on the cat’s tips?

Shannon: The Acropolis and Parthenon are incredible…so much history and beauty! They are majestic and it’s hard to believe they’ve been there for soooo long. And to a taverna in Plaka!

Addie: What do you hope to teach kid’s like me through your books? (Ok, mom helped me some with this question)

Shannon: I hope to inspire children to explore our great big wonderful world…other lands, cultures, language, food, sites, history and traditions.

Addie: What will some of the next places be that the cat travels too, as I am looking to read more of the books?

Shannon: There are so many places for KeeKee to go! More cities in Europe, Africa, Asia, South America and the United States too. Stay tuned! >^..^<

Addie: Did you enjoy my cookies? Thank you very much for spending time answering my questions!

Shannon: Delicious! Thank you so much Addie & Mom! Happy Holidays to you & your readers!

Mom: Thank you! Have a great holiday season!

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KeeKees Big Adventures in Athens, Greece, Synopsis~

Athens_Book_Cover_GalleryKeeKee is the adventurous calico kitty who travels the world in her hot air balloon. Paris, Rome, and now – Opa! – it’s Athens, Greece!

Join KeeKee as she explores the sights, sounds, and tastes of one of the oldest cities in the world. Young readers share KeeKee’s delight as she discovers exciting places and immerses herself in the Greek culture.

KeeKee’s latest adventure includes a kid-friendly pronunciation guide and glossary in the back of the book along with a charmingly illustrated map of Athens.

Publisher: Calithumpian Press

Hardback: 40 pages

Language: English

Price: $16.99

ISBN-13: 978-0-9886341-2-1



KeeKee’s Big Adventures in Paris, France won the Independent Book Publishers Association Benjamin Franklin Awards Silver for Best First Children’s Book in April 2014 and Gold Mom’s Choice Award in Autumn 2013. KeeKee’s Big Adventures in Rome, Italy received a Gold Mom’s Choice Award in April 2013.

Shannon Jones Biography~

Shannon-Jones2-231x300Shannon Jones spent over 20 years working in marketing, including time with Discovery Networks and 12 years with Starbucks. While with Starbucks, she spent four years as head of marketing and product for Starbucks Europe, Middle East and Africa.

With a degree in Communications from the University of Virginia, Jones returned to her passion for writing, as well as sharing her love of travel and helping kids in their quest for learning and discovery, with her KeeKee’s Big Adventures Series.

She lives with her husband and 10-year old cat, KeeKee, in Alexandria, VA.

KeeKees Big Adventures in Athens, Greece is currently available through and where most books are sold.

Addie, age 7, Biography~

Addie Cincy

I am a 7 year old with a love of books, bookstores, reading, and have a massive collection of bookmarks. I like to write and draw, but most of all bake with my mom. I hope to own a cupcake shop one day. And be a fashion designer. I like crafting, sewing, and dressing up dolls too.

I like school, pretty much every subject, but I look forward to gym and talking with my friends too. I like to visit different places and hope to travel to Paris one day soon.

I enjoy reading all levels of children’s books and am always willing to review any book you might like me to take a look at for you.


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    Fantastic review and interview. My 8 year old niece, Addie would love this book and series.

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  2. I like when one Addie recommends for another Addie! 😀


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