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Hook of a Book Media and Publicity offers a variety of services for authors, including publicist services, book promotion, and publicity campaigns. Though we still do physical location book tours (i.e. at bookstores and libraries, etc.), our online blog tours (or publicity tours) have migrated away from the word “tour” with specified dates/schedule and have gone to a more lasting, longer method of coverage for you and your book in response to reviewers need for more time and flexible reviewing times. This happened about three years ago.

We are supporters of reviewers as well as authors. Publicist duties include sending books for review with media kits and graphics, and sharing online, but the formalities pf cemented dates are what has been removed. And now, in the past two years, we are so happy to see that so many more reviewers have joined the horror scene. We are happy to provide a more detailed explanation if you e-mail us.

For a complete list of our services, visit our Services page.

This is not updated currently. This is a sampling of past “tours” and authors we’ve worked with on tours and other PR in extension. Many of them are still clients today, but we’ve welcome and worked with many more.

Previous book tours:

This is not updated currently and is not an extensive list of our clients, but a sampling.

Conceiving by Thomas S. Flowers


The Eighth by Stephanie Wytovich


Dream Woods by Patrick Lacey


Wrathbone and Other Stories by Jason Parent


I Can Taste the Blood



Hexagram by Duncan Bradshaw

Hexagram v2 tour graphic (1)

Consequences by John Quick

Consequences tour graphic v2 (1)

Stolen Away by Kristin Dearborn

Stolen Away tour graphic (3)

The Judgment by DJ Niko

The Judgment tour graphic

Chasing Ghosts by Glenn Rolfe

Chasing Ghosts tour graphic

The Night Parade by Ron Malfi

The Night Parade tour graphic v2 (1)

Stone Work by Dominic Stabile

Stone Work tour graphic

The Invasion by Brett McBean

Invasion tour graphic

Motorman by Robert Dunn

Motorman tour graphic

Mayan Blue by Michelle Garza and Melissa Lason

Mayan Blue tour graphic

Die Dog or Eat the Hatchet by Adam Howe

Die Dog or Eat The Hatchet tour graphic

Children of the Dark by Jonathan Janz

Children of the Dark (1)

Vicki Beautiful by Somer Canon

Vicki Beautiful tour graphic

The Monster Underneath by Matthew Franks

The Monster Underneath tour graphic






Blood Sacrifices by Brian Moreland

Blood Sacrifices tour graphic






I Kill in Peace by Hunter Shea

I Kill In Peace tour graphic

A Mixed Bag of Blood by David Bernstein

A Mixed Bag of Blood tour graphic (1)

Woman In White by Kristin Dearborn

Woman In White tour graphic

Wizard’s Rise by Phillip Tomasso

Wizard's Rise tour graphic

Things We Fear/Where Nightmares Begin by Glenn Rolfe

Things We Fear tour graphic






Desolation by Kristopher Rufty

Desolation tour graphic

They Rise by Hunter Shea

They Rise tour graphic

Wolf Land by Jonathan Janz

Wolf Land tour graphic

Twelfth Krampus Night by Matt Manochio

Krampus tour graphic (1)

We Are Monsters by Brian Kirk

We Are Monsters tour graphic (1)

The Red Highway by Robert E. Dunn

The Red Highway tour graphic

Sentinels by Matt Manochio

Sentinels tour graphic (1)

Blood and Rain by Glenn Rolfe

Blood and Rain tour logo

Seeing Evil by Jason Parent

Jason Parent tour graphic

Dover Demon by Hunter Shea

Dover Demon tour logo

Tortures of the Damned by Hunter Shea

Tortures of the Damned tour logo

Little Girls by Ronald Malfi

Little Girls tour logo

Q Island by Russell James

Q Island tour logo

Boom Town by Glenn Rolfe

Boom Town tour logo

Dreamwalker by Russell James

Dreamwalker tour logo

Island of the Forbidden by Hunter Shea

Island of the forbidden tour logo

The Things In The Darkness by Ira Gansler

ira button new

 Hell Hole by Hunter Shea

Hell Hole button

The Dark Servant by Matt Manochio

Matt tour graphic Dark Servant

Montauk Monster by Hunter Shea

Final Montauk Tour Graphic

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