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Book Review Information

I’m a journalist, editor, writer, public relations professional of over 18 years. I have Bachelor of Arts degrees in Journalism, English, and History. You can read more about me, my businesses, my writing, and my reading at About Erin Al-Mehairi page.

I have openings currently for developmental edits, editing, and marketing for authors. Hook of a Book Media, an arm of my Addison’s Compass Public Relations business, also offers many services to authors:

About Reviewing~

I am currently willing to accept books for review in almost any genre, and prefer fiction (historical, paranormal, fantasy, historical romance, suspense, thrillers, mystery, and certain types of horror). I accept books for children, YA, and adult.  I enjoy doing interviews, giveaways, guest posts, and other as determined.  I will try my best to review every book I receive in a timely manner, but please be patient with me. I *STRONGLY* PREFER PRINT COPIES if your book is available in print.

If interested in having me review a book on my blog, and have marketing presence through me with social networking avenues such as Facebook (I have 1500+ personal, 700+ Hook of a Book), Twitter (2,200+), Pinterest (700+), LinkedIn (500+), GoodReads (700+), Instagram (300+), and Google+, then please send me an e-mail about your book to

Please “like” my page on Facebook (started March 2013) where I share even more book news (let me know if you have a link to share!):

Please make sure to indicate if there is a date you’d love to have it posted by (such as a release date, launch date, blog tour, etc.) and if you want a recommendation on any other commercial site (Barnes and Nobles, Amazon…).

I prefer tangible (hard or paperback) books which look lovely in my library and I thank you to those who do this (I like to read when waiting in the car picking up the kids from school, at the park, the beach, and in bed), and usually you are rewarded with pictures taken and posted on social media and you are pushed higher on the list, but will also read for Kindle or .pdf if only version or absolutely necessary.  I understand where the publishing world is moving today and that many authors only publish on e-book. I am happy to work something out.

You can mail any advance copy books, or other, to:

Erin Al-Mehairi
215 W. 4th St.
Ashland, OH 44805

For anything else, please use the e-mail address.

Photo of Author Deborah Harkness and I at her book signing on July 22, 2012.


I am willing to do author interviews, guest posts, and giveaways on my site. I look forward to them! As a trained journalist, this is my forte.  Please send your request for me to be part of your blog book tour, Q & A session, or host for a guest post. Send your inquiry to

Photo of me and Brian Moreland at HorrorHound Cincinnati in March 2013!

Stuff and HorrorHound 2013 168



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