Celebrating Women Series 2017

Women in History

In 2014 in March for Women in History Month, I featured writers and authors who sent in guest articles about Women in History and Women Making History here at Oh, for the Hook of a Book! It had great reception and I really loved learning and featuring all the women of the past and present. Time sometimes gets away from me, but I didn’t want more time to pass without doing it again so this year I put out a quick call for writers to send me in articles featuring Women in History, Women Making History, Women Being Persistent, or just Women Being All Around Awesome!!

In fact, I don’t want to just take the stories in March only, but all year long. So if you haven’t contacted me, I’d love to hear from you. Just e-mail me your idea. You can find that 2014 schedule here to read about more fabulous women.

Check back here as articles are added for this year!

Article #1 – March 17

Big Momma Thornton” by Robert Dean

Article #2 – March 27

“Mistresses of the French Court and Political Power” by Sally Christie

Article #3 – March 28

Lauren Bacall – She Dared! by Somer Canon

Article #4 – March 29

Isabella of France by Anna Belfrage

Article #5 – March 31

The Bronte Sisters by Sarah Parke

Article #6 – April 4

Eliza Armstrong Case by JoAnn Shade

Article #7  – April 6

Arsinoe, Cleopatra’s Treacherous Sister by Catherine Cavendish

Article #8 – April 10

Bronia Nijinska, Russian Ballerina by Eva Stachniak

Article #9  – April 11

Victoria Woodhull by Neal H. Katz

Thank you to all who participated and to all the readers!!