STATUS 01/2021:

I have openings for novella, short fiction, website, and article editing for January and February 2021. I am scheduling now for all those plus novels for March 2021 and on. My 25% off sale I ran October – Dec 2020 is now closed. I don’t know when I’ll do it again, and I may not do it for 2021. However, please watch for flash sales and sale announcements!

I do developmental/content, copy edits, and some proofreading. I usually encompass the first two together in my editing work. I work with most all genres, but prefer historical, horror, fantasy, mysteries, and thrillers, but please don’t hesitate to ask as if I have availability I will usually work on most things. I believe in and am an advocate for diversity and am a proud supporter of women and people of other races, colors, religions, and the lgbtq+ community.

Please feel free to inquiry with me via e-mail at hookofabook@hotmail.com for questions, availability, and pricing. Payment plans are accepted.


Erin has over twenty-seven years direct experience each in editing for journalism – print and online news, magazines and newsletters, professional media tabloids, blogs, marketing copy, full websites, and as well over a decade with fiction – poetry, short stories, novellas, and novels – for all sorts of organizations in business, non-profit, and for publishers as well as one-on-one for authors looking to sell their manuscript or story (or even if they are self-publishing). Erin started her editing journey as editor of her high school newspaper, earning a significant scholarship to a private university where she earned a job as news editor (and after working her BUTT off moved to senior news editor) for the Associated Press award-winning university newspaper The Collegian as she studied and completed bachelor degrees in journalism and English both (as well as history!). While in college, she also edited for the university’s notable Poetry Press.

After college, she worked in other facets of books while raising children, spending time as a reference librarian, a bookseller for a popular US and UK publisher, as well as working for almost a decade coordinating public relations and marketing for a 30-department, 70-physician staff of a regional health system doing PR, marketing plans, media relations, advertising across all mediums, and among many duties, produced three large newsletters full of articles for which she wrote articles, edited story submissions from others, created budget, etc. and wrote and edited copy for three website overhauls. She also edited a major healthcare tabloid she created with the local newspaper as a partnership between she and the hospital. As a business woman, she has been awarded the Ashland County Women of Achievement award and was the Business and Professional Women’s Ohio Young Careerist of the Year representative.

For the last ten years, owning her own businesses, when not developing copy or editing it for business or non-profit clients, she has been immersed for the last eight in the publishing world critiquing and editing books both fiction and non-fiction across a wide-range of genres and subjects and assisting and teaching publishers and authors in publishing, branding, and professional PR and promotion. Erin has worked on titles that have been nominated for Bram Stoker, Shirley Jackson, and other such awards.

As far as editing, she has edited for some of the top indie horror names, as well as many other authors in urban fantasy, fantasy, history, contemporary, and non-fiction. In non-fiction she is particularly qualified in self-help and health-related titles. She is a proud member of the Science Fiction Poetry Association.

I look forward to hear from you soon.