I’m Featured! My Poetry and Article on My Inspiration

women in horrorI’m a reader of many genres and a writer of several as well, with my main being historical, horror, suspense/thriller. I currently work in mostly the horror and thriller/suspense genres as an editor and a publicist.

I’m proud and honored to be the featured “Woman in Horror” for the month of January, as part of a year long #WomeninHorror endeavor by David Spell over at The Scary Reviews. On my permanent page on the site, I’ve posted an article about the inspiration behind my dark poetry, and how and where it leads me, as well featuring THREE poems inserted into it as samples of my work.

People think they might not normally read poetry, or like it, or understand it, but for me it’s a way to express words and thoughts. Many horror/gothic themes are filled with emotion, aren’t they? I think so! Many of my poems are just really initial thoughts to short stories, as the character/voice comes to life. Step out of your comfort zone, and see if you like them.

You’ll find it here at a link to my page on his site:


There isn’t an option to leave comments on my page there, but you can leave comments here, or in a note to me, or on my social media shares. Any feedback or thoughts are always welcome. They keep me motivated to continue to share more. So if you like them, please let me know!! And consider sharing as well. I’m working on sharing more of my writing journey this year and so this is just the beginning.

I’ll be back on David’s site for an interview on January 15!

In love for reading and writing,

Erin 🙂


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One response to “I’m Featured! My Poetry and Article on My Inspiration

  1. Hi Erin! So good to see your writing efforts are being rewarded. I didn’t take the time to hit the site as it’s crunch time for me and the third book in my trilogy. Nevertheless, good luck!


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